Company of the Year – Pulsed Harmonix PEMF Therapy is Becoming Essential

Jack Butler

Jack Butler, Founder, and CEO

Starting with the first space flights in the 1960s, NASA concluded that pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF), similar to the earth’s own magnetic field, are essential to sustaining life in space as well as on earth. Pulsed Harmonix’s True Pulse

A2000 is based on NASA’s discovery. In fact, it is certified by the Space Foundation, a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of space-related technologies.

Unfortunately, the earth is nearing the end of a very long cycle when it will lose almost all of its electromagnetic field. It is actually now only 5 to 10 percent of its long-term historic average strength. The severely diminished magnetic field of the earth coupled with the increasingly toxic load of our air, food, and water, has produced a double whammy, causing serious health problems. Our bodies have lost most of the energy required to expel this deadly toxic load and heal itself.

NASA’s research proved that our health, in fact, our existence, depends on an adequate steady supply of electromagnetic energy to sustain the operation of our vital systems.

Pulsed Harmonix’s True Pulse A2000 was designed from the beginning to recharge the body while detoxifying it at the same time. Chronic disease and injury are very difficult to manage, let alone cure, in a body that is carrying a heavy toxic load. PEMF energy is the most effective therapy to treat decaying cellular energy. The Beginning of the Journey Jack Butler, the Founder, and CEO of Pulsed Harmonix, is proud to point out that Pulsed Harmonix based its design on NASA’s research and its patents, which NASA made public. He also points out that True Pulse A2000 is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.

The Space Foundation is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of space-related technologies and public education about space. It is the sponsor of the world’s largest annual space industry event, Space Symposium, held every April in Colorado Springs. The A2000’s design was based on utilizing the natural frequencies that the earth’s magnetic field produces, including the resonant “Schumann Frequencies”. Care was taken to produce electromagnetic pulses which would be entirely harmonic with all the vital systems of human and animal bodies, as the name of the company implies. “This was a costly and time-consuming effort but it has turned out to be very rewarding,” according to Mr. Butler. He also states True Pulse A2000 produces a full spectrum of the lowest “earth-based” frequencies, including the Schumann resonance frequencies. It also produces magnetic pulses that are powerful enough to cover the entire body with any one of the three applicators that come with the device. It does this without the very short treatment time limits that other higher intensity magnetic pulse devices require. As Butler points out, his engineering team has produced a device and magnetic pulses whose frequencies and waveforms are harmonic and resonate with humans and animals. The A2000 produces no frequencies that are considered to be in the harmful range, according to certified standard testing. “As for the overall effectiveness of the device, there is no better evidence than the results of a recent independently managed survey (Survey Monkey) Download Survey here,” said Butler. “Based on the report, out of 80 respondents of long-term users of the A2000, 52 percent of the responders were ‘extremely satisfied’ with their therapy treatments. 33 percent scored the A2000 in the ‘Good’ category, 15 percent ‘Fair.’ Only one response was in the ‘Poor’ category.” Another very good indicator of the high performance of the A2000 is the very low return rate in spite of a very generous return guarantee. If not satisfied, buyers can return the device for a full refund within 30 days for only $200 to cover shipping and handling. Of the total of 730 devices sold, only 4.3 percent have been returned. Included in the survey was a space for those who wanted to volunteer comments. Out of the many respondents, three of them claimed that they had cancer and that the A2000 was having substantial positive effects on them. “Pulsed Harmonix does not claim nor does it believe that the A2000 cures anything. What it does is provide the body with more than enough electromagnetic energy and detoxification to revive and strengthen all of the body’s natural healing capabilities,” said Butler. The primary mechanism of action is the A2000’s apparently unique combination of features as described below.

Butler also points out that there are well over 120 doctors of all types, including the former Chief of Medicine of NASA, who are currently using the device in their daily practice; many of them have bought multiple devices. Further, Butler says that the feedback has been extremely favorable, and, in addition, the doctors practicing with the A2000 over 600 devices are also being used in homes and offices. One of the doctors Dr. Kelly Miller routinely treats his patients with the A2000 to determine the overall status of their vital systems. Dr. Miller has stated that ‘The results from HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and MaxPulse tests of the A2000 consistently demonstrated that (over 80 percent) of patients treated experienced significant improvement in autonomic vital system functions, even after three treatments. With a gap of one week between treatments, vital system functions continued to make improvements. Unique Features for Better Treatment Outcomes Very strong evidence is finally being replicated in US laboratories, including NIH sponsored trials and studies that the primary means by which our bodies heal are the meridians. Yes, the meridians!

In extensive clinical trials, The Veterans Administration concluded that the meridians are actually the delivery source of stem cells and DNA to diseased and injured areas of the body that need healing. Further, they determined that the electrical stimulation of the meridian acupuncture points improves the function of meridians by a substantial and very measurable degree. Pulsed Harmonix has very strong diagnostic evidence that the electromagnetic pulses of the A2000 are highly effective in strengthening the activity of meridians. TruePulse A2000 is very simple to operate, portable, and lightweight. It weighs 4 pounds with a control box and 15 pounds when the applicators are included. It safely delivers a unique combo of technology that would balance and recharge the bodies’ vital system functions and blood cells while detoxifying the body simultaneously.

In addition, the A2000 requires no maintenance and has no need for no arbitrary limits on treatment times or intensity. The innovative Pulsed Harmonix device has set a new standard for non-invasive integrative adjunctive chronic care. Where conventional medical therapies are increasingly often not producing the results needed or causing serious side effects, the addition of True Pulse A2000 therapy can make a big difference.

Realizing the significance of PEMF technology as a safe, painless therapy, we have developed an FDAregistered Class 1 Medical Device, TruePulse A2000, to help clients take a step toward a painfree life


What are the Different Uses of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

Living Good with PEMF

Since it was first officially approved by the FDA in 2007, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) has helped people overcome a wide variety of different conditions. This unique therapy seeks to transform the way the body functions, down to the cellular level. Usually, PEMFT is conducted using a dedicated PEMF device. These devices, which typically weigh just a few pounds and are about the size (and shape) of a thicker yoga mat, can be purchased directly online or through various PEMF providers. PEMF Therapy sessions will usually last about 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Considering that these devices have only been in use by mainstream society for a little more than a decade, there is no surprise that people (and scientists) are constantly discovering new uses for them. Studies are actively being conducted in order to determine how PEMF therapy can help people overcome a tremendous variety of conditions.

In this article, we will discuss a few of the many ways that PEMF devices are currently being used. Though it will be important to speak with your doctor before pursuing any specific treatment options, you may be surprised by the profound impact these devices can have on your quality of life.

Pain Relief

One of the most common uses of PEMF devices is pain relief. Targeted areas often include the back, neck, and other parts of the body that experience pain on a consistent basis. PEMF devices, such as the A2000 True Pulse device, make it easier to focus on specific areas and encourage intercellular healing. These alternative treatments are often quite popular because they save people from the pain and expenses of surgery or the risk of becoming addicted to pain killers. While they cannot treat all types of pain, they have been proven to be effective for many different people.

Mobility Improvement

PEMF Therapy can also be used to help people increase their mobility. This can include both athletes who are recovering from certain injuries or individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions that inhibit their mobility, such as arthritis. At the cellular level, magnetic fields can pass through the body and begin to repair bones, muscles, and other parts of the body that are essential for total mobility. When combined with physical therapy, PEMF treatments may be even more effective.

PEMF for Sleep

In the United States (and elsewhere around the world), sleep disorders are incredibly common. Currently, it is estimated by the CDC that about 40 million American adults suffer from chronic sleep disorders and about 20 million American adults suffer from occasional sleep disorders. While each of these people will require a personal treatment plan, PEMF therapy has helped many people get a better night’s sleep, even when other treatments were proven ineffective. By targeting the neural network of the body, common sleep disorders such as insomnia can be effectively combatted.

Mental Healthcare

Mental health issues also plague a large portion of the population, which has caused many within the medical community to begin looking for alternative forms of treatment. In some cases, patients who engaged in PEMF therapy on a regular basis have claimed that they have effectively overcome (or at least better managed) various different mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The FDA has approved the use of these devices for stress relief and stress management (2011). Many people also claim these devices have helped improve their ability to focus.

PEMF Stroke Recovery

Strokes can create a wide range of complications, such as “facial drooping”, numbness in the arms, speech issues, and other problems. A stroke is often informally referred to as a “brain attack.” While there is still ample research being conducted on the topic, PEMF stroke recovery can help many people begin recovering from these problems. PEMF therapy promotes increased circulation and oxygenation throughout the body. Considering that strokes are caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, this may prevent future strokes from occurring.

General Healing

When we are healing from something—whether an injury or anything else—this healing takes place at the cellular level. 100 million cells die every minute and are eventually replaced by new cells; successfully healing will require these new cells to be healthier and fully functional. PEMF therapy can help “balance” the positive and negative charges taking place within the cells, which can accelerate tissue recovery and other healing processes.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation, which affects many adults, is caused by improper circulation throughout the human body. When cells do not have the appropriate charge, they will tend to stick together, making circulation much more difficult. With PEMF Therapy, it becomes possible to restore the proper charges of these cells and consequently enable them to flow freely throughout the body. Inflammation occurs most commonly near the knees, elbows, ankles, and other related areas. If left unaddressed, inflammation will often get worse as time goes on.

Preventative Treatment

As the costs of many medical treatments have been on the rise, there has been an industry-wide shift towards using preventative treatment. By taking active measures to avoid injuries before they actually occur, you can maintain your health and potentially avoid the need for expensive and invasive surgeries in the future. Some people use PEMF devices as a form of preventative treatment, even if they are not actively suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above. The benefits of PEMF treatment—improved circulation and oxygenation, improved mobility, reduced inflammation, and reduced pain—are universally sought after. Additionally, these devices have no proven negative side effects, meaning they may be worth giving a try.


As time has gone on, the available uses and applications of PEMF devices have considerably increased. These dynamic devices can be used to treat many different conditions and helping people of all kinds. If you are looking for an effective, alternative treatment option, a PEMF device might be exactly what you need.