Client Feedback Survey

These testimonials and comments were voluntarilly provided by our customers to a highly regarded independently administered survey company.  It rated satisfaction on 5 levels.  “Survey Monkey” sent the questionnaire to all of our customers.  The returns were tallied and reported as shown on our website.  The testimonials were provided to us by “Survey Monkey”, unedited.   

pulsed electromagnetic nasaPulsed Harmonix does not claim nor does it believe that its devices cure any specific disease or injury conditions. Our devices were designed to 1—stimulate all the vital systems of human and animal bodies, and 2— detoxify the body the same time. Our technology is based on NASA’s research and development of pulsing magnetic fields.


During the past few months, we gathered information about current clients who purchased our PEMF device and see how much success or how satisfied they are after using the device for some time. These results are one hundred percent unbiased and are the true experience after using the device for some time. Don’t have time to read it now? No problem, just click on the icon of the survey to the right and download the document for you to read it later.

As always, we guarantee your satisfaction if you aren’t satisfied with the device.

2019-21 Pulsed Harmonix Client Feedback Survey

1. How satisfied are you with the results of your PEMF therapy treatments?

PEMF - Survey - Question 1
PEMF - Survey - Question 1 Graph

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I encourage all my patients to utilize this therapy and many become regular users. Joint and muscle injuries and pain, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy and insomnia are among the conditions helped. I find it profoundly relaxing: the sedation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight division of the autonomic nervous system) is a key underlying cause of most functional problems. The Pulsed Harmonix instrument rivals a lot of the other PEMF devices that are 3 to 5 times the price also. Don’t know how I did without it.”

Daniel A.

My Pemf machine has been and intricate and ongoing part of my cancer journey and treatment! I am now healthier than I was before my diagnosis.”

Troy E.

I use the PEMF in my veterinary practice to help patients with acute or chronic inflammatory conditions as well as even seizures. It has been a great tool for many patients. It also helped my son avoid a second back surgery.”

Thomas R.

2. How often do you use your Pulsed Harmonix PEMF therapy device?

PEMF - Survey - Question 2
PEMF - Survey - Question 2 Table

We have used this amazing technology has benefited not only my family members but hundreds of our patients. We keep all four of our units going everyday we are open!”

Tammy G.

I can honestly testify that the A2000 PEMF has performed extremely well for me and friends that work or sports related injuries. Additionally, I am also using it to treat MDS (bone marrow cancer) and feel that it has helped immensely.”

Nancy E.

I will definitely have a testimonial more in the future but I already see tumors shrinking!”

Ron H.

3. Has the A2000/A2500 reduced need for medication and/or medical assistance?

PEMF - Survey - Question 3
PEMF - Survey - Question 3 Table

I have had big success using the machine on my daughter’s sprained ankle. My kids and I also use it to overcome stomach aches. The other uses are less easy to see specific results. I use it daily because I believe it will increase the vitality of my cells. I am currently trying to use it to help my daughter overcome tendinitis and bursitis in her hips.”

Jannet W.

Aside from helping me overcome a myriad of health conditions, I sleep better and haven’t had a cold since I got it over 2 years ago and I have a compromised immune system working with children it’s a miracle worker!”

Benjamin G.

My double meniscus tear was real. ER and then checking with 3 orthopedics doctors – one actually said surgery was needed. I used my PEMF therapy and now all is well.”

Mercedes C.

4. What condition prompted you to access the benefits of PEMF therapy?

PEMF - Survey - Question 4

Both my husband and I use the PulsedHarmonix Home edition PEMF daily from relief from ANY pain like knee, stomach, head, to just feel more energized and improve mood. We’ve been using it for about 18 months now without any glitches. It was pricey but worth it. Thanks a lot!

Paul A.

This is great for relief of flare ups. I use it in conjunction with other treatments. My husband has also used it to speed up recovery when he is not well. I believe it is a great investment”

Michelle R.

I love my PEMF, use is almost every other day. I find it to give me the extra boost if energy I need to make it through the next day. I am still trying to find the best way to use it without over usage, which does cause me to not feel well because of toxic overload. But I would recommend it to anyone!”

Barbara R.

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