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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

PEMF & Pulsed Harmonix

The distinctive technical advantages of Pulsed Harmonix's TruePulse A2000® are that it achieves its high pulse power with a fraction of the voltage, size, weight, and cost of other high-powered devices. The A2000's waves of magnetic energy completely penetrate the body, even at the lowest power setting. The device's waveform frequencies, and overall design, have been optimized to allow for long therapy times, with no risk of harm from radio frequency (RF) radiation. It is also highly efficient, producing 1,500 gauss with a 12-volt inverter, making it highly portable.

  • Despite its strong magnetic field pulse, the A2000 does not trigger muscle contractions, whereas other high-power PEMF devices do.
  • The A2000 pulse energy is concentrated in a frequency range of less than 20kHz, well below the radio frequency range.
  • It is important to note that the pulse generated by the high-energy devices that predominate the market today, are created by a spark-gap technology, which requires approximately 10,000 volts, compared to the A2000, which only requires a maximum of 170-volts.
  • The A2000 magnetic pulse is generated by a new, highly efficient, patent pending, solid-state design. This is the reason the A2000 produces as strong a pulse as the spark-gap devices, with a fraction of the voltage, size, and weight.
  • The A2000 requires no maintenance.  All spark-gap powered devices require that the devices be returned to the manufacturer for periodic maintenance.