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What does PEMF stand and how does it work?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) has been a widely utilized technology by NASA, the VA, John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, among others, for decades. PEMF has been considered an effective and non-invasive way to relieve pain for over 60 years, primarily in a clinical setting with over 10,000 clinical studies supporting its effectiveness. 

When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, they lose their ability to function efficiently. PEMF uses electromagnetic waves that pulse on precise frequencies enabling cells to recover their ability to create energy, function and reproduce.

How often do I need to use the device?

Consistency is key to get the most benefit from your device. Everyone responds differently to PEMF therapy. With the True Pulse A2000, a 90-minute session time allows for use of the device only 2 times per day. Some experience relief within a few days, and others may take a few weeks or more. Drinking water regularly helps your body maximize the benefits gained by using your True Pulse A-2000 to reduce inflammation. You should use yourTrue Pulse A-2000 as often as possible. The device is safe and there are no reported side effects, so you cannot overuse it.

Are there side effects using the True Pulse A-2000?

No. There have never been any reported side effects for PEMF technology or people using the True Pulse A-2000. Some people may feel a warming sensation near the device, but that is due to increased blood flow from PEMF.

Is there a warranty for all your devices?

Yes. Pulsed Harmonix offers a FREE three-year warranty for the devices. This warranty only extends to the original retail purchaser so long as the device was purchased directly through Pulsed Harmonix. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, contact the Pulsed Harmonix Customer Care department at  855-749-7363. Pulsed Harmonix reserves the right to replace a defective product with the most comparative product currently available.

What type of pain does your device work on?

The True Pulse A-2000 will work to reduce the inflammation that is the root cause for most types of pain, but keep in mind PEMF works differently for everyone. Pulsed Harmonix users, including doctors and patients, claim they get relief from many of the common pain conditions attributed to inflammation across the body. These claims include commonly reported areas like the upper and lower back, knee, neck, hip, ankle, shoulder, hand and foot pain.

Does PEMF therapy treat mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia?

9 out of 10 patients report significant improvements in these conditions. It has been proven effective by more than 100 clinical research studies over the past 37 years.

Will I have to stop taking my medications if I use Pulsed Harmonix?

No. Pulsed Harmonix is the ideal adjunct therapy to complement your medications. It sends gentle electrical signals to the brain, so it has no harmful interactions with drugs. You may be able to decrease your dosage or go off medications entirely, depending on your condition and what your doctor thinks is the best treatment plan for you.

Is PEMF safe for animal use?

Yes, the vast majority of studies support the safety and efficacy of PEMF therapy for animals.

Who shouldn't use this device?

You should not use our device if you are pregnant , an organ transplant recipient, use a non-MRI safe IUD, have or use a pacemaker, hearing aid, or other electronic implants/devices.

There are plenty of skeptics out there, does PEMF really work?

Thousands of studies on PEMF have been conducted by NASA, NIH (National Institutes of Health) and other institutions around the world. A comprehensive collection of these studies can be found at PubMed, a website of the NIH. Additionally, you can find studies of virtually any condition by searching PEMF followed by the name of the condition.

How long will the results last?

The results may last a day or two for some, and for others, they may extend for weeks, or even indefinitely. Frequent use will produce the best long-lasting results, and help to optimize one’s bodily functions

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Are there any serious Adverse Reactions to PEMF Therapy

The best way to handle potential adverse reactions to PEMF therapy is to be prepared for them. Due to the wide array of interactions that magnetic therapies can have within the body, it is not abnormal to experience some discomfort, especially at the beginning of treatment. Reactions are said to be more common when the whole body is being treated versus local areas. If a reaction does occur with PEMF, is it serious? Adverse reactions are mild and temporary in the majority of cases. If a reaction does occur, it can be managed simply by continuing the session most times. Possible reactions include: fatigue, sleep trouble, increased pain, weakness or lower energy, metallic taste, dizziness, brain fog, thirst, increased urination, warm or cold sensations, prickly feeling in the skin, colors in the visual fields, heaviness of the extremities and heart palpitations. Patients with electrical hypersensitivity and electromagnetic hypersensitivity are more prone to reactions and the discomfort...

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