How PEMF Therapy Can Help With Aging

Aging is one of the most difficult things that life can throw at us. It can seemingly come out of nowhere and can have profound effects on our life. Everyone deals with different challenges when it comes to aging. Some people have trouble losing weight while others feel increased fatigue or experience an issue with one of their organ systems. In addition, a prominent result of aging is looking differently. You may find yourself with sagging skin or wrinkles, or you may simply feel as though your complexion is not as bright as it used to be.

Pulsed Harmonix PEMF devices can be used to help combat the effects of aging. From increasing your energy to improving your aesthetic, there are many uses of PEMF devices when it comes to keeping yourself looking and feeling as young as possible. In this blog, we will discuss the different ways in which aging can be tackled by using PEMF devices. However, to begin with, it’s important to first understand how aging occurs on a cellular level within the body.

What Happens to Our Cells As We Age?

What we know as “aging” is actually a breakdown of your body’s functioning at the cellular level. As we age, our cells become less capable of repairing themselves when damage occurs, and they are also less optimized for normal functioning. This means that, as you age, whenever there is a “stressor” introduced to your body, your cells may have an increasingly difficult time dealing with it. 

For example, being exposed to the sun can cause your cells to experience trauma. In addition, things like outside pollutants can cause continuous stress on your cells which can build up over time. In addition, as our cells get older, they are simply less capable of repairing themselves as effectively as when they were younger. This means that things like your skin cells will have a difficult time regenerating themselves and utilizing oxygenated blood efficiently. Thus, you may start to notice flaws in your skin, such as wrinkles and sagging as you age. This is a result of your cells not working properly and not being able to repair themselves when they become damaged. 

What Are the Consequences of Aging on Our Cells?

Cells are the building blocks which make up everything in your body. They are living organisms which come together to create your organ systems and control proper functioning of your body as a whole. With aging, your cells may experience a “slow down” which can lead them to deteriorate to various degrees or stop working as efficiently as before. Before discussing how PEMF therapy can help with aging, let’s first look at the ways in which cells are damaged by aging and how this can affect your body.

Cells Increase In Size

As you age, your cells increase in size. This means they are less able to travel through your capillaries, and thus, the flow of oxygenated blood throughout your body can begin to slow down. Without proper oxygenated blood flow, your entire body can suffer. This can cause your organ systems to begin breaking down, which can lead to a number of symptoms, such as pain or malfunctioning of certain systems, like the digestive tract. 

Cells Are Less Able to Get Rid of Waste

In addition, with aging comes the cell’s inability to properly discard waste. Think of your cells as individual organisms. They require oxygen in the form of oxygenated blood. However, they also require a release of toxins. In the same way that you inhale oxygen and then discard carbon dioxide by exhaling, your cells “exhale” and release carbon dioxide as well. This cellular process of “inhaling” oxygen and nutrients and “exhaling” carbon dioxide and waste is called cellular respiration

Cellular respiration becomes more difficult as your cells begin to age and start functioning more slowly and less efficiently. Thus, your cells can accumulate certain toxins throughout your life through exposure to outside influence and slowed or inefficient processes. Again, your cells need to release toxins in order to continue functioning properly. However, when your cells are damaged by aging, they are less able to release their toxins. This can lead to you feeling sick, in pain, or simply just lethargic. 

Fats Build Up in Cells

As previously discussed, as you age, your cells are less able to get rid of waste. A byproduct of this circumstance is the fact that your cells will be less able to get rid of certain fats. These fats can then build up in your body, leading to weight gain. If you’re having trouble losing weight as you age, it’s important to understand that your cellular functioning is at the forefront of this issue. 

Organ Systems Work Improperly

Just like the rest of your body, your organ systems are made up of clumps of cells. As you age and your cells begin to lose their ability to function properly, your entire organ systems can feel the effect. Again, remember that your skin is actually the largest organ in the body, and it is also the only organ system that you can really observe with the naked eye. Thus, it makes sense that you can see the physical symptoms of aging on your skin. 


However, you can feel the effects of aging on your other organ systems. You may find yourself with health complications related to any of your organ systems. For example, one of the most common issues people have as they age is regulating their digestive system. Again, this is partially due to the fact that your cells simply are not working properly. Thus, your system may slow down as a result, and you may feel uncomfortable effects. 

However, your digestive system isn’t the only which is affected by aging. Rather, all of your organ systems rely on properly functioning cells which can take in oxygenated blood, move it through the body, and get rid of waste. When your cells aren’t functioning well as a result of aging, they are incapable of keeping things running smoothly. Thus, it’s important to find a way to optimize your cells in order to mitigate these highly disruptive symptoms. 

How Can PEMF Devices Help With Aging?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices create electromagnetic waves around your body. This electromagnetic field can influence your cells in such a way that it helps them to begin functioning more efficiently when they have been damaged by aging. 

PEMF devices work to invigorate the cells in your body by offering energy from the pulsed electromagnetic field which is created by the device. In this way, the cells became more capable of functioning properly. When the cells in your body are optimized, the signs of aging can be reduced. Your cells will become better able to deal with the oxygenated blood which is required for all of the body to function properly. With the help of a PEMF device, your cells can move more smoothly through your capillaries and distribute the valuable oxygenated blood to all your organ systems. In addition, when your cells are optimized, they will be able to properly get rid of waste such as carbon dioxide and outside toxins. 

With enhanced cellular function, your body systems will be able to function properly, and thus, many of the causes of aging can be combated. By optimizing your cells, you may find yourself with less fatty buildup and improved organ systems. One of the organ systems which can be refreshed by PEMF therapy is the skin, and optimized skin cells can help you to avoid wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition, by utilizing a PEMF device, you may simply feel more like your old self because your organ systems are functioning properly. 

Conclusion – PEMF and Anti-Aging

There are many different causes of aging, some of which are more easily dealt with than others. However, several of the side effects of aging can be combated through the use of a PEMF device. Remember though that it’s important that you obtain the correct information and the correct device in order to ensure that your treatment will be as effective as possible. Pulsed Harmonix offers both the True Pulse A2000 Pro as well as the home version, depending on your specific needs. Reach out to us today at 1 (855) 749-7363 or [email protected] in order to receive more information about utilizing your PEMF device in order to feel like your old self again.