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PEMF technology has been around for decades after its development by NASA. Astronauts left the earth’s magnetic field when it was discovered that PEMF is vital or human health. The earth’s natural magnetic field is now only 10% of its historical level of intensity. It stands to reason that this extreme reduction is causing worse problems for your patients that it did for the astronauts on their short flights.

PEMF devices in the past were large, difficult to use, could pose risks to patients if not properly set up and very expensive. Pulsed Harminics’s PEMF treatment device, the True Pulse A2000 has been engineered to help supply the missing electromagnetic energy necessary for human survival, allowing it to help your patients and your practice.

Rapid Return On Investment

A Bundle Makes Getting Started Easy

We offer a Pro-Kit that includes everything your practice will need to get started treating patients. The Pro-Kit includes the A2000 Pulser Unit, a Spiral Mat Applicator, A butterfly Mitt Applicator, A Flexible Pouch Applicator, and a Junction Barrel so you can use two applicators simultaneously.

Pays for itself in 19 Treatment Days!

  • Purchase the A2000 Pro-Kit for $4,450
  • Charge $20 per 15-minute session
  • Treat 12 patients per working day (on average) or 6 for 30 minutes each
  • $240 day x 19 days = $4,560

Continue treating patients for the rest of the year…

  • $20 for 15-minute sessions x 12 patients X 250 days = $60,000
  • Gross annual profit (1-year) of $55,500
  • 1,248% return on capital investment!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return it.

*We offer a 30-day money back guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with the A2000 Pro-Kit, simply return the undamaged device within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund (minus a $200 restocking fee). The A2000 Pro-Kit (device and applicators) has a 3-year-limited warranty.

“I have long known about PEMF and even had a few units already in place. The problem with them has always been the more power that you are looking to achieve the more costly these units become. With the volume of patients that we have searching for our help, it isn’t very practical from a cost perspective to have as many units as we would need.


The price point of the Pulsed Harmonix [A2000], coupled with the power solves that problem! At first I was confused at how you could generate near as much power as the bigger units out there for a fraction of the cost, but I have seen the results with my own patients.“  — Dr. Rob DeMartino, D.C., Superior Health Solutions, Henderson, NV

Veterinarians became the first professionals to use pulsed magnetic therapy equipment in North America

Veterinarians became the first health professionals to use pulsed magnetic therapy equipment in North America. They have used pulsed magnetic therapy equipment to heal broken legs in racehorses. Pulsed magnetic therapy equipment is non-invasive, is not painful and does not require sedation. Animals seem to know that pulsed magnetic therapy equipment is helping them and are calm and relaxed.


  • Decreased Pain
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Faster Functional Recovery
  • Reduced Muscle Loss After Surgery
  • Increased Tensile Strength in Ligaments
  • Faster Healing of Skin Wounds
  • Enhanced Capillary Formation
  • Acceleration of Nerve Regeneration


Get the number one PEMF device of choice of The Masters Circle

FDA Registered Class One Medical Device

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Piece of mind with our
3-Year Limited Warranty

Fast return of your investment


“Pulsed Harmonix (PHx) is the best PEMF device out there. It supercharges the mitochondria and detoxes the body at the same time. As a result our doctors get better more sustainable and faster results with the PHx TruePulse A2000.

Here is just a partial list of conditions that have already responded well to it: migraines, peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, trigger finger, ADD, irritable bowel syndrome, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bladder discomfort and Lyme disease.

Your device is the number one PEMF device choice of The Masters Circle!”

Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC

CEO, The Masters Circle

“Thank you Dr. Levy, for introducing me to Pulsed Harmonix Founder & CEO, Jack Butler, and starting me down this exciting new road! I’ve added many more healthy years to my life! I have used this fantastic new PEMF today for at least four hours and have to help bring this to the world! Great things are happening in this 82-year-old body that the $27,000 PMT 120 and the $6,000 Bemer, nor any other device ever did. Suffice it to say this old body is acting much younger everywhere, and things just keep getting better by the hour.”

Gary Gordon, MD, DO

As a Chiropractor and Doctor of Integrative Medicine for almost 30 years, I have seen (and owned) many pieces of equipment that promised a lot and delivered a little.  Now after clinical use, I can assure you the A2000 is one of the best values in therapeutic equipment I have ever used.  I absolutely love the outcomes my patients are experiencing and the therapeutic hole that the A2000 has filled in my practice.

There is no downside to buying a device that will pay for itself with one or two months of clinical use, even at my lower cash practice: fees at $30-$45 per treatment, my units are paid in under a hundred patient visits.

Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN