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PHx Team

Executive Leadership


Jack Butler
Founder & CEO

The founder of many successful enterprises, from the Municipal Bond Insurance Association (NYSE: MBI) to the MBIA Invitational, an annual golf tournament in support of the Special Olympics, Jack now devotes his full attention to the development of safe, effective, and affordable PEMF healing technology at Pulsed Harmonix.


Jennifer Fitzgibbons
Senior Advisor

Entrepreneurial business owner and co-founder of the JJJ Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to serving small to mid-sized nonprofits in Colorado, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to Pulsed Harmonix, offering strategic oversight and guidance to the company's executive board. 


Science Advisory Board


Tom Levy, MD, JD

A Board Certified Cardiologist and Bar Certified Lawyer, Tom, has written nearly a dozen books on the healing properties of Vitamin C. He is currently researching the positive effects of magnetism on the body, in particular, the healing effects PEMFT at the cellular level in conjunction with sound nutrition.


Claude Swanson, PhD

After graduating from MIT with a Bachelor's in Physics, Claude continued his studies at Princeton, earning a Doctoral degree in the same field. He then completed his Postdoctoral studies at Princeton and Cornell, joined the Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, and thereafter, founded his own consulting firm.


Rob DeMartino, DC

Rob is a Medical Board Chair for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, a Health Advisor for Whole Foods, and Sun City MacDonald Ranch. He also volunteers with Foundation for Wellness Professionals, Well Rounded Momma, and serves as a Master Trainer at Neurologic Relief Centers.


Glenn Streeter

With degrees in Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, and Philosophy, Glenn has been practicing Sports Physiology and Energy Medicine for over thirty years. His clients include world champion and national caliber athletes from a variety of disciplines, and as an extreme athlete himself, Glenn knows the value of PEMF therapy