Orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. have used Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields therapy

Orthopedic Surgeons focus on all things musculoskeletal by definition. With pulsed electro magnetic field therapy offering so many healing benefits for the body, it is a great treatment to couple with orthopedic practices. In an interview with Dr. C. Andrew L. Bassett, he notes that approximately 10,000 of the 12,000-plus orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. have used pulsed electromagnetic fields on at least one patient. This adds up to around 65,000 patients nationwide.

Not only can PEMF provide relief for newer or chronic injuries, but it can also be used as an aid during surgery recovery. 

Chronic Injuries

PEMF can be used as an electrotherapeutic treatment in these cases. When pulsed electro magnetic field therapy is applied to an area of chronic pain it can increase the circulation which will reduce inflammation, regenerate damaged tissue, and decrease intensity of pain itself. This can be used following the onset of a ‘flare up’ to target sources of discomfort. 

New Injuries

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in new injuries while also improving overall healing time. For an injury that does not require surgery, pulsed electro magnetic field therapy can be a great way to promote healing and reduce recovery time. We touch on this in our “Does PEMF Therapy Work” blog. 

Surgery Recovery

Surgery recovery can be joined with the ‘new injury’ sector as it is a fresh wound to the body that needs support. There can be many weeks to months of rehabilitation required with some orthopedic related procedures. Pairing PEMF with recovery can improve pain levels, inflammation and healing time. 


If you are suffering from orthopedic related injuries or discomfort, looking into pulsed electro magnetic field therapy could be a great source of relief for these ailments. Pulsed Harmonix offers a selection of professional devices and options for at-home use. For more information, contact us


How Far Does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Penetrate the Body?

In order to measure how far the magnetic field extended from the device, we used a magnetometer.  Specifically, we used a Nikken magnetometer (see photo).  This magnetometer isn’t calibrated so it doesn’t show gauss (a unit of magnetic induction).  However, it does show the relative intensity at different distances and power settings visually. 

We tested the A2000 device with the spiral coil Mat applicator.   Here is what we found:

At a mid-power setting, the magnetic field extends approximately 2.5 feet in all directions from the center of the Mat and approximately 5 feet at the full power setting. This eliminates the need for a full-body Mat.

From all 4 sides of the Mat applicator, the magnetometer measured PEMF from 2.5’ away.

So if you apply the Mat to the center core of your body, front or back, the magnetic field will be focused on your core vital systems and will still extend well over the top of your head and well past your feet depending on the power setting.

Of course the power of the pulse decreases with distance from the applicators.

Part of what makes the Pulsed Harmonix A2000 an incredible value is the power it generates for such a compact device.  The magnetometer photo and measurements above show how that power helps the PEMF penetrate through the body.

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Astronaut Buzz Aldren Used the Pulsed Harmonix A2000 PEMF Device

Do you know a guy that walked on the moon?  We do.  Astronaut Buzz Aldren has experienced Pulsed Harmonix’s True Pulse A2000 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy device.

PEMF and space exploration have a long relationship.  Decades ago when the Soviets and the United States were in a space race they performed extensive testing on how human beings would function in space.  As people get farther from the earth’s magnetic field it turns out that many of our life systems begin to malfunction including muscle atrophy and bone loss.  NASA studies show that stem cell activity sped up 2-4 times with PEMF and was vital to sustaining the critical life systems of astronauts in space. So both space programs developed Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices to simulate the earth’s magnetic field for astronauts in outer space.

Buzz can be seen enjoying using the A2000 at the Space Symposium

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