Pulsed Harmonix A2000 Success Stories


“10x less money than some of the big units!”

After looking at ways to incorporate PEMF into my integrated practice, I came across Pulsed Harmonix via a referral from an energy medicine expert who spoke very highly of the science. He talked about how they were able to ‘clean up’ the modality compared to older technology and thereby make the unit much more user-friendly, compact and more affordable.

After seeing how efficiently they had captured the healing essence of PEMF into a smaller machine through ingenious electrical engineering, it made much more sense to enter the field for literally 10x less money than some of the big units.

I use it every day in my practice. My care plans would not be as successful as they are without it.

Dr. Ron Spallone

Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado

“Chronic left hip pain disappeared”

My name is Dr. Bradley Quick. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. I wanted to share my personal experience with the Pulsed Harmonix unit. After a routine physical examination and blood chemistry work-up, I was diagnosed with reduced kidney function. My GFR was decreased and BUN and Creatinine were elevated. I was referred to a Urologist for follow-up. They could find no cause but wanted to continue monitoring my condition.

I began researching possible treatment options which led me to PEMF therapy as a possible solution. This journey led me to purchasing the A2000 unit. After treating myself for approximately two months I repeated my blood work. My chemistries are now normal. There were other outcomes that also became apparent. I began sleeping through the night. Nocturia resolved. Chronic left hip pain disappeared. Chronic headaches gone. My systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings which had been elevated, normalized.

This treatment modality is amazing. This company should be applauded for making this treatment available at a price point that gives more people accessibility to wellness. It’s the exception to the rule to deal with a company that truly cares more about helping people achieve their wellness goals than charging exorbitant prices for what they sell.

Dr. Bradley Quick


“Bottom line, her memory, her energy, and her thinking has improved dramatically since using the device!”

I wanted to share my experience so far regarding my parents. They have been using their PH unit for a few months now. First, Mother has a lot of degenerative joint issues in her knees, hands, and hips. Her thumbs have become more flexible after two months, her hips are pain-free and her trail walks have become trail runs again, after years of pain had slowed her down considerably.

But what’s the most impressive result is the improvements in her mental aspect. Her short term memory has really been going downhill over the past several years, with “foggy head”, confusion, tiredness and other symptoms. Bottom line, her memory, her energy and her thinking has improved dramatically since using the device! Everyone that comes in contact with her has mentioned it, even going so far as to call her a completely different person from just a few months prior.

Dad has been suffering from an old bicep injury that flares up while surfing. That’s completely gone away. Friends that have used the machine have stopped coughing, felt pain relief in as little as 15 minutes, and experienced other pretty amazing results. I would hardly believe it if it came from an outside source, but I know that my parents are not prone to exaggeration. They are very pleased with their results so far. Faced with a long term and dramatic improvement in Mom’s ability to recall day-to-day facts, to “track” during conversation, and to recall appointments, phone numbers, etc., is a benefit not just to her, but to the whole family. Perhaps some studies can be done for Alzheimers patients?

I will send some more information regarding my own experience with the device. I’m currently dealing with a long term cough, some fungal issues and chronic Lyme disease. I can’t wait to see how the Pulsed Harmonix helps!

Jess Peery

“I experienced more energy and a general sense of well-being”

“On 01-01-2013 I used your PEMF device on full power for at least 4 hours and did not experience any ill effects. I applied it to the entire spine as well as the top of my head. That day I experienced more energy and a general sense of well-being. I used it for several hours daily until 01-05-13, and continue to experience an overall increase in my energy.”

Maurieke D. Shyelle, M.D.

“Oxycodone, which was prescribed to take for pain was stopped at half the prescribed amount.”

On May 20, 2015, I had Turbinoplasty (polyp removed from turbinate) and Septoplasty (deviated septum correction). Immediately following the surgery pain was felt throughout the face, but mostly in the sinuses and upper teeth.

Treatment with the Pulsed Harmonix A2000 was started the afternoon of the surgery on May 20, 2015. The coil was used at low-mid power to start. Both hands held the coil within two inches of the face-centered in the nasal area.

This protocol was used several times a day in the same fashion until higher power levels could be achieved. This relieved the pain and increased the healing process significantly. Oxycodone, which was prescribed to take for pain was stopped at half the prescribed amount.

Sleeping for two weeks after this surgical procedure is done in an upright position. This positioning exacerbated an already inflamed upper back. I have a disc bulge between C6-C7 from a car accident, and the pain from this radiates down to my shoulder blade area. While I found the mat to be effective in relieving this pain, I found the coil even better! I used the coil at the highest power level positioning it over the specific pain areas. Each shoulder blade, the base of the neck, and centered on mid-back. The coil relieved this pain very well.

For headaches that lingered after this procedure, I would place the coil on the crown of the head at full power. This proved to be very effective for this.

The pain relief achieved with the pulsar along with the relaxation effect, and increased healing time makes me a very big fan of the Pulsed Harmonix A2000.

Jennifer Kuns

“A must for doctors wanting to help their patients, especially in cases of ADHD, TBI, PTSD, anxiousness, depression, insomnia, and the aging body/brain.”

I wanted to share with you some of the results that we have been getting with your Pulsed Harmonix A2000 device. I have to say that I am wowed!

As you know I have a brain-based practice assessing and treating conditions related to brain imbalances such as ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, TBI, and the aging brain – dementia/Alzheimer’s. One of the common problems with these conditions is a lack of circulation to areas of the brain. This has been beautifully illustrated by Dr. Amen’s work with SPECT imaging.

The results with the A2000 have been impressive. Well over 80% of patients receiving a 30-minute treatment at setting 3 intensity, the default setting, have significant improvements in cardiovascular functions as demonstrated by before and after MaxPulse assessments.

In particular, arterial elasticity demonstrates improvement in patients, sometimes by over 100%. I believe this to be from two influences – a de-aggregation of the red blood cells (RBC) and when this occurs a reflexive decrease in sympathetic response and up-regulation of the parasympathetic system.

“The clumping of RBCs (Rouleaux formation) is a substantial indicator of a stressed human body, regardless of the source of stress, whether physical, mental, chronic pain or disease. Stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to dominate, and the body’s vital life systems to go into survival mode. CHRONIC STRESS reduces the capacity of blood cells to absorb oxygen and nutrients as well as their ability to remove toxins and diseased cells from the body. Energizing the RBCs results in an immediate up-regulation of the vital systems that provide the body the ability to improve healing and thrive.

This is a global problem, often referred to as the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS) The Earth’s electromagnetic energy is now less than 10% of its long-term historic levels. The result is that our bodies lack the natural energy levels that have historically provided it with strong immune and other vital autonomic system functions. Consistent use of the A2000 replenishes and relieves the chronic draining of the body’s electromagnetic energy caused by this serious and otherwise inescapable problem.

Another consequence of MDS is huge. We have lost much of our natural energetic capability to deal with the rapidly increasing man-made toxic load in our air, food, and water. According to some studies of this “double whammy,” human, animal and plant life is already in serious trouble. The rising trend of the toxic load may be slowed but there appears to be no global-scale solution for the consequences of MDS.

The results from HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and MaxPulse tests of the A2000 consistently demonstrate, (over 80%, of patients treated) increased improvement in autonomic vital system functions, even after 3 treatments, with 1 week in between treatments. Because of these outstanding and consistent physiological and chemical changes with the A2000 your device is now part of our standard protocol for all brain-based and pain-relief cases.

The A2000 is a must for doctors wanting to help their patients, especially in cases of ADHD, TBI, PTSD, anxiousness, depression, insomnia, and the aging body/brain.

Thank you for developing this awesome device!

Dr. Kelly Miller

Health Resoration

“I consider it to be the best value of PEMF devices on the market”

Over a decade ago I had a serious car accident with traumatic brain injury and whiplash. Ever since then I have had a very stiff neck with a reduced range of motion and slight pain when I turn my head. I recently used the Pulsed Harmonix PEMF device, the TruePulse
A2000. After using it on my head and neck only a few times, the stiffness and pain are nearly completely gone and my range of motion is greatly increased. In addition, my mood has improved and I got my “giddy up” back. I have much more energy and enthusiasm for life.

I have been in the energy medicine industry for over 2 decades and encountered many types of devices and I am very impressed with the TruePulse A2000. I consider it to be the best value of PEMF devices on the market and highly recommend it.

Dr. Lisa Tully, PhD

Energy Medicine Research Institute

“After a few treatments a significant improvement in my range of motion and the pain levels in my back”

As a former professional baseball catcher (Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, NY Mets), I am always dealing with nagging lower and upper back injuries which keep me from enjoying the active life I want to live. After using the A2000, I noticed just after a few treatments a significant improvement in my range of motion and the pain levels in my back were reduced dramatically. I have also noticed a substantial improvement in my golf game now that I am pain free and am able to drive the ball further now that my flexibility has returned to that of my baseball days. Thank you CEO, Jack Butler for introducing me to the A2000. It has literally changed my life and my golf game!

Josh McAffee

Sparton Corporation

“Pulsed Harmonix has made a HUGE difference in the quality of my life.”

Jack, let me start by saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” for working with an amazing team to develop the Pulsed Harmonix! Using the Pulsed Harmonix has made a HUGE difference in the quality of my life. After over ten years of having multiple medical issues, I’ve finally found the one and only tool that has given me back a quality of life that I never dreamed I’d experience again (and WITHOUT drugs)!

Just over ten years ago I started having atypical seizures, migraines, shaking hands and total memory loss. Not only were these medical problems painful, but very frightening. After seeing multiple neurologists (including one at Mayo Clinic), they all agreed that I had a significant number of legions (50 to 100) spread throughout every layer of my brain. I had every test they could do and none of the neurologists could identify why this had happened, nor could they give my illness a name or cure it. The consensus was that they could only attempt to treat the symptoms and wait to see what the future held. It held all of the above and more in the last ten years.

Thanks to your wonderful Pulsed Harmonix I’ve had more improvement in the symptoms of my brain disorder than any medications have given me. After using it for only a week, I started noticing that the constant pain I’ve had in the lower back of my head these past 10 years was actually less than ever. By the end of the second week, I actually had some days that I woke up with NO headache! When my head starts to hurt, I simply get on the Pulsed for 30 minutes and the pain is usually gone or at least reduced within an hour.

Another issue I’ve dealt with during this same time frame is frozen shoulder. I’ve had two surgeries for it but I still have trouble sleeping most
nights. I’ve always slept on my side but since I developed frozen shoulder I’ve not been able to do so. If I turn over during the night, I’m awake immediately from the pain and have trouble going back to sleep. Typically I wake up 2 or 3 times a night. As a result, I’m tired all the time. When I use the Pulsed at night (which is almost every night), I sleep so well it’s unbelievable. Of course, that in itself is wonderful as I have more energy than. Again, no medications have enabled me to do so. Recently, I realized that I hadn’t taken a nap in three days and I felt great – no exhausting fatigue Using the Pulsed Harmonix has given me the ability to sleep well, wake up earlier in the day, avoid taking naps and a terrific energy level all day. These results alone of using the Pulsed are like having Christmas in February!

Recently I missed using the Pulsed for two consecutive days due to being out of town. Each day I was exhausted, had a major headache, and woke up both nights. The third day I used the Pulsed for three times for 30 minutes each. While I felt and slept somewhat better, I used the Pulsed three more times the fourth day and I was back to being “my new usual self.”

Linda Neville

“I would recommend this to any parent with a child on the spectrum”

My daughter with autism spectrum disorder began using TruePulse A2000 Electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) in June of 2017. At this time she was 5 years old. We initially began using the PHx Matt at level 3, blue side on her back while sitting up, for 30 minutes, 3-4 times per week. Within a week of this, we noticed that her sleep improved. Within a month of doing this routine, she began sleeping through the night. Prior to this, she would wake up 2-3 times per night.

By month 3, we began having her lay on the PHx Matt, at bedtime, blue side up, at level 4, 3 days per week, for 1 hour and gradually increased it to 2 hours by month 4. At about the 4th month, we noticed that her sensory issues slowly began to decrease. By month 6, nearly all of her sensory issues either lessened or completely disappeared. No more spinning, repetition of words, restlessness, increased back and fourth play, and was more focused in school. To the extent, that she no longer has trouble being focused at school.

We have been using the device in the same manner up now July of 2018 (25 months). We also use the device when needed (30 minutes to 1 hour at level 4, blue side to her back) when she is in need of sensory regulation and just not feeling well. Including stomach aches (pix pouch, blue side facing her stomach). She reports that it lessens the pain.

I would recommend this to any parent with a child on the spectrum. I use it when I’m exhausted or feeling overwhelmed and I definitely receive a grounding yet energizing effect from it.

Jennifer Chahine

“Realistically the value of your product cannot be substantiated with a dollar figure.”

I recently purchased one of your units and the results I am seeing are incredible, taking away my substantial back pain, being able to kneel on a knee that has been bone on bone for 41 years, to higher energy, better sleep, and a cyst that I have had for 20 years going away.

Realistically the value of your product cannot be substantiated with a dollar figure. The back pain I was experiencing was off the charts, my medical doctor could not continue with the pain medication as organ failure would have been the outcome. I really wasn’t confident of back surgery, as many of my friends are still experiencing problems. This system has saved me from possibly a terrible outcome! I sincerely cannot say thank you enough!!

I’ve introduced your unit to family and friends and I do not hesitate going to my friends and families homes, with your unit in tow. Most sessions with family and friends are 45 minutes max. at their initial default earth frequency setting. And results are starting to be noticeable.

When I spoke to Dr. Pawluk, he mentioned “no one size fits all”, but I have to say your unit has to be close and also being in the USA helps!

In this day and age, very few companies would take the time to entertain any answers to someone’s questions. Obviously, I have not only found a superior product, but people with expertise and a drive to promote this excellent unit! Your company is the best!

Tony Vadala

“I immediately started to see results including pain relief from my many injuries over the years as an extreme sports athlete”

I recently purchased the A2000 from you back on August 15, 2016. I was referred to you by your Medical Applications Specialist, Glenn Streeter. In July 2016, I came down with some incredible debilitating pains in my stomach and couldn’t get out of bed for a day and a half. I called Glenn up and had him do a scan on me. He told me what my lovely fiancée, who is a veterinary technication, had suspected. I had
pancreatitis. Also, in the results of the scan, he regretted to inform me that leukemia showed up.

I asked Glenn what the best option would be for me, and he told me that I needed to get myself a PEMF device, and fast. He recommended Pulsed Harmonix. I looked around at what was available and found that for what was out there on the market, the True Pulse A2000 was the best quality, best strength, and most practical for the type of use I needed, which was a daily application that I could take anywhere with me, and even use in the car with the recommended power inverter. The most important part for me was the price. I did have to sell my motorcycle in order to get it, but that wasn’t even an option for me with the other products out there.

I jumped right in using my A2000 on a daily basis. At least 2-3 times a day, I immediately started to see results including pain relief from my many injuries over the years as an extreme sports athlete, I also noticed an increase in energy. I kept using the device on this schedule for the next month and a half and after going into the doctor to get some blood testing done, the results came back cancer free. Take it for what you will, but I know that this device had a ton to do with my recovery! I am continuing to use my A2000 every day for the amazing pain relief. If I have a headache, it gets rid of it with a simple 15 minute session.

Whenever I have pain in my hips, knees, or ankles, I simply throw the pack on the area that is botherin gme and All pain is gone within the first 15 minutes of treatment. I absolutely LOVE the technology and I’ll never get rid of my A2000. I thought about renting it out to help other people that I know, but it’s just too hard to part with. I can’t imagine going a day without it. Just like the advertisement says, PEMF doesn’t treat any specific or special condition, it just optimizes the body’s natural healing ability and self-regulating functions. If you’re looking into purchasing a PEMF device for personal or professional use, as an extreme sports athlete and someone who has broken 24 different bones and torn 2 ligaments, I highly recommend that you just go ahead and get yourself a True Pulse A2000. You will not regret the decision.

David Hazleton

“Jack you really have something here! Thanks for letting me try PHx”

You asked me to call you after I tried your machine on my knee. However, I wanted to wait a bit before I submit my final report. I was hesitant to even try it thinking nothing could help a knee that has severe arthritis, bone spurs and is “bone on bone”. I have an appointment for a full knee replacement on Sept 14th.

Just to complicate my situation, 2 weeks ago while hitting my driver on a driving range, I tried to see if I could really smoke one. I twisted my knee and think I tore the cartilage. I thought it would take 911 to get me off the driving range since my knee locked up. I held onto the club stand for about 5 minutes and finally bent my knee and heard a loud click. My knee has been clicking ever since and each time with severe pain. The worst pain has been at night when I sleep with my leg out straight. When I go to bend it in the morning the pain is excruciating.

The first few times I used PHx with the small pad on my outstretched leg, I noticed little or no pain after the first bend/click, however, 5 minutes later the pain returned with each click.

The first night after PHx, I noticed that the bed issue (pain bending my knee after it had been straight while sleeping) was gone, and has been gone for several days. I also have noticed much longer lasting relief in the clicking pain. I have been religious about using it twice a day for 30 minutes at #7 intensity (almost full power).

Last night I awoke and noticed something else that I would like to report. This is so off the wall that I am afraid that I might be imagining something. During my first knee replacement (July 2013) my left hand suffered ulnar nerve damage. My little finger and my ring finger have lost normal feeling, and constantly feel tingling, like pins and needles.

I have been to three (3) hand and nerve specialists in Boston. The last one I was told “wrote the book” on hand/nerve problems. There is no fixing the problem and it is something I have to live with. I read on the Internet that ulnar nerve damage is the number one reason for malpractice in the USA. During long operations, the patient’s arms are strapped to a table and this can cause the problem with certain people. I am not the suing type so have decided to live with it. Money is not going to make it any better. I can play golf but at times it bothers me. Three weeks ago I was using a chain saw for 3 hours and my hand was a real problem for a couple of days afterward.

The reason I gave you all the hand background is, last night I awoke and discovered the pins and needle feeling was gone and my fingers are now feeling with less sensation as the other finger, but much improved. How could this be? The only thing different in my life the past 3 days is my knee treatments.

Jack, you really have something here! Thanks for letting me try PHx, but even more, insisting that I try it.

Richard Scarzi

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