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The New A2500

is the result of substantial investment time and resources in R&D with our award-winning engineering partner HWI. We have created an even more user-friendly device for the rapidly expanding wellness market. This includes a new power supply system. In addition, the redesign allows for fully portable operation with a 12v battery, (as an optional feature).

The new custom designed wall socket power cord has an inverter that converts all global power sources to 12 volts DC. In addition, we have added two filters to the power cord that remove the micro wave and other ionizing radiation that all long distance power grids pick up. The A2500 model is designed to run on standard international power sources. The power cord will convert and filter the “dirty” AC grid electricity to a clean and natural DC current.

The A2500 model is now even more compatible and resonant to use for long and frequent treatment sessions. This supports the recognition Pulsed Harmonix has received from MedTech Magazine for the top 10 Chronic Care Company of the year award (2019).

For sale ONLY in the United States. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our engineering team was also able to: 

  • Reduce the weight of the operating system by 20%
  • Increase the overall pulse power by an average of 30%

Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which the whole life of an organism depends.

Dr. Werner Heisenberg

Nobel Laureate