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PEMF technology has been around for decades after its development by NASA. Astronauts left the earth’s magnetic field when it was discovered that PEMF is vital for human health. The earth’s natural magnetic field is now only 10% of its historical level of intensity. It stands to reason that this extreme reduction is causing worse problems for your patients that it did for the astronauts on their short flights.

PEMF devices in the past were large, difficult to use, could pose risks to patients if not properly set up and very expensive. Pulsed Harminics’s PEMF treatment device, the True Pulse A2000 has been engineered to help supply the missing electromagnetic energy necessary for human survival, allowing it to help your patients and your practice.

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“Pulsed Harmonix (PHx) is the best PEMF device out there. It supercharges the mitochondria and detoxes the body at the same time. As a result our doctors get better more sustainable and faster results with the PHx TruePulse A2000.

Here is just a partial list of conditions that have already responded well to it: migraines, peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, trigger finger, ADD, irritable bowel syndrome, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bladder discomfort and Lyme disease.

Your device is the number one PEMF device choice of The Masters Circle!”

Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC

CEO, The Masters Circle

“Thank you Dr. Levy, for introducing me to Pulsed Harmonix Founder & CEO, Jack Butler, and starting me down this exciting new road! I’ve added many more healthy years to my life! I have used this fantastic new PEMF today for at least four hours and have to help bring this to the world! Great things are happening in this 82-year-old body that the $27,000 PMT 120 and $6,000 Bemer, nor any other device ever did. Suffice it to say this old body is acting much younger everywhere, and things just keep getting better by the hour.”

Gary Gordon, MD, DO

As a Chiropractor and Doctor of Integrative Medicine for almost 30 years, I have seen (and owned) many pieces of equipment that promised a lot and delivered a little.  Now after clinical use, I can assure you the A2000 is one of the best values in therapeutic equipment I have ever used.  I absolutely love the outcomes my patients are experiencing and the therapeutic hole that the A2000 has filled in my practice.

There is no downside to buying a device that will pay for itself with one or two months of clinical use, even at my lower cash practice: fees at $30-$45 per treatment, my units are paid in under a hundred patient visits.

Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN



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* Designed to help businesses, the accelerated deduction under IRS Section 179, lets you reduce your net cost of capital equipment purchases for your business by TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 

What is Section 179?   IRS Section 179 allows for the immediate depreciation of qualifying business equipment, so you can write off the entire purchase for the year you buy it, rather than depreciating it over five years under the traditional Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). Section 179 deduction limit is $500,000. Always consult with your own Accountant to get more details about this great benefit for your business. 

The information and resources provided on this website regarding pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), are not intended as medical advice. Users are advised to consult appropriate health professionals and wellness providers on any matter relating to their personal health and wellbeing. In the case of animal use, consult veterinarians as appropriate. Comments and testimonials are to be considered opinions and are not to be construed as US Government approved, nor as applicable to the TruePulse A2000® device. Please read, and heed, all information provided from your medical practitioner, as well as that contained within the Pulsed Harmonix user guide provided with the purchase of A2000.