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Verifiable Results of PEMF therapy at the cellular level

Want to see before and after images of how cells respond to PEMF therapy?

Business Case for PEMF in a Medical Practice

Are you a doctor and want to know more about how PEMF can help your practice? Then this document is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about PEMF

Learn the most commonly asked questions people have about PEMF therapy!

A2000 Technical Specifications

Complete details of the technical specification of the device and it’s components.

True Pulse A2000 Best In Class Handout

Sales sheet for the True Pulse A2000 device and it’s benefits for PEMF therapy.


Welcome Guide A2500

True Pulse A2500 Complete User Guide

This interactive PDF allows you to navigate the file with ease, the index is interactive and quicly view what you are looking for.
True Pulse A2000 User Guide

True Pulse A2000 Complete User Guide

Download the guide of our previous version device, the A2000. A complete guide for how to get started, PEMF information, it’s benefits, best practices and product specifications.

Get started quickly with this, easy-to-follow, step by stem two page guide

The device is extremely easy to setup, follow this few steps and you’ll be enjoying the benefits in just a few minutes.

Dual Applicator Quick Start Guide

This guide will show you the ability to operate two accessories from a single plug.

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3-Year Warranty

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