PEMF Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

frequently asked pemf therapy questionsIn recent years, the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices has become increasingly popular, both in the United States and elsewhere around the world. These devices, which can be purchased online and acquired in stores across the country, have helped people overcome chronic pain, depression, and many other medical conditions. 

As opiates and other intensive treatment options have presented a wide range of issues for individuals experiencing chronic pain, the use of alternative treatment options—including PEMF Therapy—has become an increasingly viable treatment alternative. Furthermore, because PEMF devices present no known side effects, many people are eager to try these devices and see if they are able to get the results they are hoping for.

As time goes on, a focused research effort has enabled medical professionals and countless other individuals to discover new uses for PEMF devices. Typically, a PEMF therapy session will last about 45 minutes to an hour and can be completed with the comfort and convenience of your own home.

In this article, we will answer some of the many questions that you may have about PEMF therapy, PEMF devices, and related topics. By taking the time to understand how these innovative devices can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, you can determine if purchasing a PEMF device will be in your best interest.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy, according to leading PEMF device provider Pulsed Harmonix, is a “safe, painless, drug and injection-free treatment that uses a device to emit electromagnetic waves to restore cell’s healthy state.” Essentially, these devices—which roughly resemble a thicker version of a yoga mat—use your body’s natural electromagnetic systems in order to improve the health and functionality of your cells. PEMF therapy provides a wide range of benefits including reduced inflammation, increased circulation and oxygenation, faster healing, pain relief, and improved mobility.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

During a typical PEMF therapy session, as PEMF device, such as the innovative True Pulse A2000, will gently emit electromagnetic waves for about 45 to 60 minutes. This process is completely painless and natural. Your cells, upon receiving these electromagnetic waves, will gradually begin to experience changes. As time goes on, the continued use of these devices will repair damaged cells and make it much easier for the individual patient to function.

Can PEMF Therapy Help with Pain?

One of the most common uses of PEMF machines is at-home management of pain relief. PEMF devices can be used to address several different types of pain. This includes neck, back, knee, and joint pain, arthritis, and various types of chronic pain. These devices have also been used to address non-union fractures, which are very common among athletes and other individuals with physically demanding occupations. 

Are PEMF Devices Approved by the FDA?

Beginning in 2007, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several different PEMF devices for personal, professional, and at-home usage. One of these devices, the True Pulse A2000, has gained a significant increase in popularity. 

What are the Different Uses of PEMF Therapy?

There are many different possible uses for PEMF Therapy and PEMF devices. In addition to the many different pain relief uses mentioned above, these devices have also been proven to be effective for treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. While your doctor may recommend supplementary treatments in addition to the use of a PEMF device, each of these conditions has countless individuals testifying to its effectiveness.

Is PEMF Therapy Right for Me?

Before purchasing a PEMF device, you may want to consider having a discussion with your primary physician. They will be able to discuss how these devices might affect you (depending on your current medical conditions) and whether they believe they will be effective. However, currently, there are no known negative side effects that come from using a PEMF device. Because these devices are relatively affordable, you may want to consider purchasing one and giving it a try. If you do not see the results you are hoping for within the first month of usage, talk to your doctor and see if there are any other alternative treatment options they recommend. 

Do You Need a License to Purchase a PEMF Device?

Unlike prescription medication and other alternative treatment devices, you do not need any license to purchase a PEMF device. In fact, these devices’ ease of access and ease of purchase are among the many reasons they have become so popular over the past decade. Furthermore, you do not need a license to administer PEMF therapy within your home. Your device should come with a detailed set of instructions indicating how the device ought to be used and how you can make adjustments, as needed.

What are the Side Effects of PEMF Therapy?

As suggested, there are currently no known side effects that can come from the use of a PEMF device and the continued use of PEMF therapy. The worst possible outcome is that the device will be ineffective. However, in the vast majority of studied cases, these devices provide at least some form of pain relief or other sorts of relief (such as relief from depression and anxiety). In many cases, patients testify that these devices have helped relieve their symptoms altogether.

How can I Order a PEMF Device?

The best way to purchase a PEMF device is to purchase online, using a company such as Pulsed Harmonix. Usually, these devices will be delivered within the next few business days and you will be able to begin using them immediately. The best PEMF device providers will offer a risk-free 30-day trial and will also offer a 3-year warranty in case the device breaks. Be sure that the device you are purchasing has FDA clearance. A typical PEMF device will weigh about 4 pounds and will be very easy for you to transport, use, and store as needed.

Conclusion – FAQs About PEMF Therapy

If you have been looking for an alternative to intensive treatment, addictive pain medications, or other problematic treatment options, PEMF therapy may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. These devices can be used to treat chronic pain, arthritis, and even some mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Because these devices are affordable, have no known medical risks, and are approved by the FDA, you may want to consider purchasing a PEMF device online today.

For more information regarding Pulsed Harmonix’s PEMF Therapy devices for at home and professional use, visit our website or contact us.

PEMF For Horses (The Complete Guide)

pemf for horsesThe development of PEMF technology has given both humans and animals a much more dynamic range of possible treatment options. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of PEMF therapy for horses, benefits of equine PEMF, and how PEMF treatments are proven to be effective for horses.

If you are currently the owner of a horse, then you are well aware of just how loyal and loving these magnificent creatures can be. Horses have long been a source of human fascination. For those of us that are lucky enough to own an equine companion, it will be well worth it to invest in extra care and treatment.

PEMF therapy for horses has become an increasingly popular selection for many veterinarians and horse owners around the world. When compared to alternative treatment options, such as intensive (and expensive) medications or dramatic operations, PEMF therapy for horses can offer a tremendous array of benefits with seemingly no apparent downsides.

PEMF therapy can be used to treat many different kinds of horses, including young competitors as well as older horses that are suffering from common conditions, such as arthritis. However, before deciding whether PEMF treatment will be appropriate for your horse, it will be important to understand what these treatments involve. 

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic field. PEMF therapy is a treatment that uses the naturally occurring electromagnetic field to improve cellular development and recovery.

A typical PEMF therapy session will involve a PEMF device which, for humans, is a device that is roughly in the shape of a yoga mat (and usually weighs about 5 pounds). Through the use of low field magnetic stimulation, the damaged cells can be stimulated to the point of recovery.

PEMF devices have been tested and approved by the FDA since 2007. In humans, these devices have been used to treat arthritis, chronic pain, depression, and many other issues. Leading PEMF devices provide users with the benefits of reduced inflammation, increased circulation, faster healing, pain relief, and improve mobility. Because these devices have been proven to be so effective for humans, vets have begun using them with horses and other mammals.

What is PEMF Therapy for Horses?

Structurally, human cells and horse cells (both mammals) are nearly identical. As a result, the electromagnetic treatments that can be used for humans can also be used for horses. Despite a horse’s large size, the benefits of low field magnetic stimulation remain similar. These sorts of treatment options have proven themselves to be very beneficial, especially because horses are among the domestic animals that are most likely to develop arthritis.

As you might expect, PEMF devices for horses are significantly larger. These machines come in several different forms. Some resemble a “jacket” for the horse that will cover the core parts of their body. Horses, even those that are not suffering from a diagnosable medical condition, often use these devices to be very relaxing (which is why they are often used by Olympic horse trainers).

Other PEMF devices for horses will be smaller and are often designed for treating abscess in the hooves and other very targeted areas. Healthy cell production is one of the most important components of keeping a healthy horse. For hooves, joints, bones, and muscles, PEMF therapy for horses has proven to be very effective.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work On Horses?

PEMF Therapy for horses is non-invasive, does not require the use of sedation or other drugs and will not generate any side effects. This therapy produces improvements quickly and can simultaneously educate the caregiver about the injury while providing relief for the equine. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is the process of sending a low-energy electrical current to a specific area of a horse’s body. This therapy has the ability to reach deep below the surface and address concerns on a cellular level. As the controlled electrical current flows through the designated area, it gently expands and relaxes the damaged cell membranes. Through this process, the body can now begin to release unwanted waste, toxins, and inflammation. Upon the release of these undesirable substances in the equine’s body, we can then introduce a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients in the designated area to recharge the cells. 

What are the Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Horses?

As suggested, the benefits of PEMF therapy for horses will be very similar to the benefits of PEMF therapy for humans. Because these devices are capable of providing a cellular-level impact, they can promote healthy treatment and effectively treat a wide variety of conditions.

The primary benefits of PEMF therapy for horses include:

    • Reduced pain and inflammation
    • Increased circulation
    • Accelerated healing
    • Improved Performance
    • Increased Range of Motion
    • Enhanced Speed & Strength

There are many potential injuries and diseases that can affect horses; because of their size and massive consumption rates, medical issues for horses can quickly begin to worsen. PEMF therapy not only helps address conditions that have already occurred, but it can also help prevent a horse from becoming sick or injured to begin with.

Is PEMF Therapy for Horses Effective?

Horses are athletes and should be treated as such. There are many aspects related to a horse’s performance and overall well being that require consistent care. Things like injuries, illness, and mental health are just a few on the list. 


Equine injuries can produce variant levels of pain and stress to the animal. Several different studies have proven PEMF therapy to be measurably effective for horses. Treatments used to address abscess in the horse’s hoof saw improved hoof health in less than three days. Furthermore, horses that suffer from arthritis and other conditions were able to move considerably better following a PEMF therapy session. 


Similar to injuries, illness takes a toll on the body’s energy levels and performance. PEMF Therapy works directly with the natural healing process of the horse’s body on a cellular level. The use of PEMF on an ill equine can help boost the immune system to reduce the longevity of the sickness so they can get back to their routine sooner.

Mental Health: 

While horses are traveling, it is not uncommon for them to experience emotional distress. Just like humans, they can miss home or become overwhelmed by new environments. PEMF Therapy is known to be neuro-regenerative which means that it can improve the overall health of the brain, which will help to boost the equine’s mood. 

By all indications, PEMF therapy for horses is not only medically effective, but it is also something that horses actually like. By most accounts, horses do not mind the PEMF machine and many horses find the machine to be relaxing. Horses that are frequently working, racing, or otherwise exerting large amounts of energy can especially benefit from regular PEMF therapy sessions.

What Kind of Equine Conditions can PEMF Therapy Treat?

There are many different ways that a PEMF machine can be used to improve a horse’s health. Some of the common conditions addressed include:

  • Certain Union Bone Fractures 
  • Various Joint Conditions 
  • Nerve Damage
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Hoof Abscess
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Illness or Low Immune System 
  • Anhidrosis 
  • Digestive Problems 
  • Surgical Wounds 
  • Low Health/Performance 
  • Behavioral Concerns

General muscle soreness, stifle injuries, and laminitis can all be treated with a PEMF device. As is also the case with humans, there is a considerable amount of research about PEMF therapy for horses being completed every year. These treatment options offer a pain-free treatment alternative that, in some cases, can be just as effective as surgery or medications. As time goes on, the number of known uses for PEMF devices can be expected to continue increasing. 

Conclusion – PEMF for Horses 

While PEMF devices were originally designed for humans, these devices have also proven to be very useful for treating horses. When used under the proper settings, these devices can help treat arthritis, various different bone and muscle issues, and many other conditions that are likely to affect horses.

Pulsed Harmonix is a premier distributor of PEMF therapy devices for at home or professional use. For more information, visit our website or contact us.

Company of the Year – Pulsed Harmonix PEMF Therapy is Becoming Essential

Jack Butler

Jack Butler, Founder, and CEO

Starting with the first space flights in the 1960s, NASA concluded that pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF), similar to the earth’s own magnetic field, are essential to sustaining life in space as well as on earth. Pulsed Harmonix’s True Pulse A2000 is based on NASA’s discovery. In fact, it is certified by the Space Foundation, a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of NASA’s space-related technologies.

Unfortunately, the earth is nearing the end of a very long cycle when it will lose almost all of its electromagnetic field. It is actually now only 5 to 10 percent of its long-term historic average strength. The severely diminished magnetic field of the earth coupled with the increasingly toxic load of our air, food, and water, has produced a double whammy, causing serious health problems. Our bodies have lost most of the energy required to expel this deadly toxic load and heal itself.

Jack Butler CEO of Pulsed Harmonix points out that the True Pulse A2000 was designed from the beginning to recharge the body while detoxifying it at the same time. Chronic disease and injury are very difficult to manage, let alone cure, in a body that is carrying a heavy toxic load.

As the name of the company implies, care was taken to produce electromagnetic pulses which would be entirely harmonic with all the vital systems of human and animal bodies. “This was a costly and time-consuming effort but it has turned out to be very rewarding,” according to Mr. Butler.

The A2000 also produces magnetic pulses that are powerful enough to cover the entire body with any one of the three applicators that come with the device. It does this without the very short treatment time limits that other higher intensity magnetic pulse devices require.

 The A2000 produces no frequencies that are considered to be in the harmful range, according to certified standard testing. “As for the overall effectiveness of the device, there is no better evidence than the results of a recent independently managed survey (Survey Monkey) said Butler.  Download Survey here >

“Based on the survey, out of 80 respondents of long-term users of the A2000, 52 percent of the responders were ‘extremely satisfied’ with their therapy treatments. 33 percent scored the A2000 in the ‘Good’ category, 15 percent ‘Fair.’ Only one response was in the ‘Poor’ category.” Another very good indicator of the high performance of the A2000 is the very low return rate in spite of a very generous return guarantee. If not satisfied, buyers can return the device for a full refund within 30 days for only $200 to cover shipping and handling.

Of the total of 730 devices sold, only 4.3 percent have been returned. Included in the survey was a space for those who wanted to volunteer comments. Out of the many respondents, three of them claimed that they had cancer and that the A2000 was having substantial positive effects on them. “Pulsed Harmonix does not claim nor does it believe that the A2000 cures anything. What it does is provide the body with more than enough electromagnetic energy and detoxification to revive and strengthen all of the body’s natural healing capabilities,” said Butler. The primary mechanism of action is the A2000’s apparently unique combination of features as described below.

Butler also points out that there are well over 120 doctors of all types, including the former Chief of Medicine of NASA, who are currently using the device in their daily practice; many of them have bought multiple devices.

Dr. Kelly Miller routinely treats his patients with the A2000 to determine the overall status of their vital systems. Dr. Miller has stated that ‘The results from HRV and MaxPulse diagnostic tests of the A2000 have demonstrated that over 80 percent patients treated experienced significant improvement in autonomic vital system functions.

According to research by Claude Swanson Ph.D.  Physics (Princeton, MIT), the very rapid and widespread effects of the A2000 can be accounted for, at least in part, by its effects on the meridians of the body

Research and trials sponsored by The Veterans Administration and published in 2017 concluded that the meridians are actually the delivery source of stem cells and DNA to diseased and injured areas of the body that need healing. Further, they determined that electrical stimulation of the meridian acupuncture points improves the function of meridians by a substantial and very measurable degree. Pulsed Harmonix has strong diagnostic evidence that the electromagnetic pulses of the A2000 are highly effective in strengthening the activity of meridians.

The innovative Pulsed Harmonix device has set a new standard for non-invasive integrative and adjunctive chronic care. Where conventional medical therapies are increasingly often not producing the results needed or causing serious side effects, the True Pulse A2000 can change the outcome and may well be the first choice.

The A2000 requires no maintenance and has no need for arbitrary limits on treatment times or intensity. The A2000 is very simple to operate, portable, and lightweight. The control box only weighs 4 pounds!  The applicators weigh 15 pounds.

PEMF Therapy for Sleep (Ultimate Guide)

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is known to improve some sleep disorders through a process called brainwave entrainment (or neuro-entrainment). In this article, we will discuss the most important things to know about PEMF therapy and why this unique treatment may help some people who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has the ability to reboot the brain through the administration of low-frequency waves. This stimulation mimics the brain’s frequency during a deep sleep cycle, thus improving the ability for the brain and body to actually fall asleep. 

Currently, about 1 in 5 American adults (about 25 million people) suffer from at least one type of sleeping disorder. Sleep is essential for our body to “reset” itself and to properly function over time. Without getting an adequate amount of good sleep every night—which is generally about eight hours per night for adults—you will likely end up enduring a wide variety of connected health issues. Because sleep disorders are so common across the United States (and elsewhere around the world), countless researchers have been exploring alternative treatments for sleeping disorders, including PEMF devices.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” This problem, while measurably common across all demographics, is one that many people tend to ignore. Having a single night of bad sleep may not necessarily produce any long-term negative consequences. But having insufficient amounts (or quality) of sleep over an extended period of time can create countless mental health, physical, and chemical complications. 

Traditionally, many doctors have been eager to prescribe sleep medications to their patients. But while sleeping pills may be effective for some people, others found they had no effect or—in some cases—found that the pills caused their ability to sleep to be even worse. There are more than 80 sleep disorders that are currently recognized by mainstream psychologists. Because many of these sleep disorders overlap with one another, finding perfect treatments can often be quite complicated. 

The emergence of the “alternative” medicine movement has been far from surprising. While some new products have been introduced to reduce the cost of medical treatments, others have been introduced in order to increase the effectiveness of a given treatment program. One common alternative treatment is known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (also known as PEMF therapy). 

Lack of Sleep: The Risks

Sleep trouble can be caused by many factors. Finding the direct cause of the problem will help you avoid the potential dangers correlated with poor sleep. If someone is not getting at least 7 hours of steady or deep sleep per night, there are many negative impacts that can be associated, such as: 

  • Decreased Cognitive Function 
  • Enhanced Risk of Accidents or Serious Health Problems
  • Quicker Aging of Cells and Slower Cell Regeneration
  • Increased Forgetfulness or Memory Loss 
  • Impairment of Judgement 
  • Reduced Libido

These negative effects can heavily influence your daily life. Sleep is a vital aspect of general health and well being. 

Brain Frequency Rhythms And The Sleep Cycle

Brainwaves are measured in Hertz because they are naturally occurring electromagnetic fields that are produced by neuronal activity. These Hertz determine what frequency band is occurring within the brain at any given time. The brain has targeted frequencies and rhythms it should be functioning at during certain times of the day, which also correlates with our state of consciousness. For example: 

  • During the beginning moments of the day, when we first wake up, we will be in the Alpha frequency, which lies between 8Hz-14Hz. This frequency also occurs when you are closing your eyes before drifting off into sleep. 
  • When we are fully awake and alert, our brain should be performing at its highest frequency level (Beta), which is between 14Hz-30Hz. 

The brain frequencies that dominate the sleep cycle are referred to as: 

Theta (Light Sleep or REM): 4Hz-8Hz

  • Theta is a relatively light period between being awake and asleep. This is typically when dreams occur. It is common in the early stages of falling asleep and before waking up. 

Delta (Deep Sleep or NREM): 0.5Hz-4Hz 

  • The Delta-Rhythm stage is very significant as it is the time that the body can heal, balance, and build immunity. Delta waves are responsible for the NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) portion of the sleep cycle, which accounts for about 80% of sleep time in adults.  

If the brain is performing at different Hertz frequencies than the designated levels above, then we are not completing these cycles to their best potential. This means we cannot benefit from our sleep nearly as much. Hertz levels can be affected by many things, such as stress and other external factors like mobile phones

How Do PEMF Devices Induce Sleep or Rest?

PEMF Therapy can specifically target brain frequencies that interrupt sleep wave patterns. This process is referred to as neuro-entrainment and helps synchronize the external frequencies of the PEMF device with the internal frequencies of the brain. With this method, we can coax the brain into following the desired rhythms for sleep. 

Since the primary goal of sleep is to have the brain enter the Delta frequency stage, PEMF devices can also be thought of as a Delta Enhanced Entrainment Program (D.E.E.P.). This program focuses on persuading the brain to follow a Delta frequency for sleep. Since the Delta stage can sit anywhere between 0.5Hz and 4Hz, it may take some time to discover which Hz level that best fits with your brain’s preferences. Research has shown that using a continuous single-frequency throughout the night usually works best for training the brain versus changing frequency over time. 

Do PEMF Devices Help With Sleep? 

Although PEMF therapy is not proven to help with all sleeping disorders, there have been studies conducted in which insomnia subjects experienced significant improvement in their sleep issues after receiving pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. 

Sleep can become disrupted when there are imbalances of any kind in the body. Often these imbalances are related to misfired frequencies that do not allow the brain to function optimally, particularly during sleep. The administration of PEMF therapy to the brain can assist in regulating the frequency-imbalances that are occurring and essentially reset the brain’s rhythm or Hertz level when it comes to sleep. This reset results in better quality and more full-cycle sleep. Whether you struggle with getting to sleep or have trouble staying asleep, PEMF therapy can be a great natural treatment option for you.  

Should I Use my PEMF Device to Treat Sleep Disorders?

PEMF Therapy can be a wonderful way to naturally retrain the brain into following desired sleep patterns. Whether PEMF Therapy will be the most effective method for addressing your specific sleep disorder will depend on a variety of factors. The type of disorder, the causes of the disorder, and the way you personally experience the disorder (not all insomnia is experienced identically) will all be very important. 

Talk to your doctor if you are considering introducing the use of PEMF devices into your routine. However, because these devices have no known adverse side effects, it is very likely they’ll approve your use of at-home PEMF therapy.

Conclusion – PEMF Therapy for Sleep Disorders

Research has concluded that the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve some sleep disorders. Brain waves play a large role in the ability to fall asleep and the overall quality of sleep. By using a PEMF machine to simulate proper brain frequencies for sleep, you may be able to improve your deep sleep cycles and reduce the risk of sleep-related accidents, injuries, depression or other issues.

Pulsed Harmonix is a premier provider of PEMF devices. For more information about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices for sleep, contact us.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

pemf therapyPulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for many ailments. This heavily researched and NASA supported technology is taking over the natural healing world. In this article, you will learn more about some of the many conditions that PEMF can target and why you should consider this therapy for yourself. 

PEMF Therapy was first approved in 1979 by the FDA and recently started to gain recognition in the U.S. for its extensive healing capabilities. Personal PEMF devices, designed for regular, at-home use, would also gain FDA approval several decades later. This technology induces controlled electromagnetic current into damaged cells, which ultimately assists with the recovery and reparative process of an area by jump-starting normal cell interaction. This new cell interaction has been noted to reduce pain & inflammation while also increasing energy levels & tissue repair. Below is a list of the top conditions that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can target: 

  • Pain Reduction 
  • Decrease Swelling and Inflammation
  • Improved Circulation
  • Muscle Performance and Relaxation 
  • Reduce Effects of Stress on the Body 
  • Accelerate Repair of Bone and Soft Tissue 
  • Improved Sleep
  • Cellular Repair and Recovery 
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Improved Immune Function

What Is PEMF Therapy?

The human body relies on electricity to send signals to the brain and throughout, which is referred to as the bioelectromagnetic field. When cells and signals of any kind are not functioning properly, it can cause other issues, which virtually means that the electric potential of our cells needs realignment.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy can be thought of as a battery charger for the cells of the body. PEMF has the ability to restore the positive and negative charges in cells, which can become unbalanced over time. A large key factor in PEMF therapy is that it stimulates and balances the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in the body. This system is connected to our brain and nervous system, which are responsible for controlling many varied functions. 

A PEMF device induces a low-level electrical magnetic current into damaged cells, which awakens them and improves their functionality. This therapy is completely non-invasive and works in conjunction with the recovery processes of the body. The frequencies emitted by these machines are completely safe, and the effects have been well researched for 60+ years. PEMF is approved for use on humans and animals. The frequency and sessions of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy will vary depending on the problem or condition being treated. 

Reduced Injury Healing Time

PEMF therapy has been shown to cut down the healing time of certain injuries because of its ability to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the primary physiological response to most injuries. When there is swelling present, the healing can be delayed, which inevitably results in prolonged recovery time. Not only does swelling slow down the healing process, but it can also increase the risk of another injury occurring or further damage to the existing one. Many times, the use of ice and elevation is recommended to improve healing time, but this doesn’t focus on the internal issues happening like bruising or swelling deep within the muscles or tendons around the injury. PEMFs have the ability to access the deep-rooted damage without compromising the external tissues, which has made them a vastly popular treatment option for professional and Olympic athletes.

In a military study, patients with acutely sprained ankles experienced a significant reduction in inflammation following a single treatment with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The patients also experienced less pain in the area once treated with PEMF. This overall reduction allowed a quicker recovery from the sprain, which enabled the subjects to return to training sooner than they would have without treatment. 

The use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy on an injury will have you returning to the field, court, or activities sooner. 

Better Sleep

Good sleep is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing and is crucial for productive human life. A well-rested night results in brain alertness, improved mood, better memory, and many other positive aspects. If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, you may struggle with brain function, increased risk of accidents, or other health issues. Although there are prescriptions and over the counter medications available to aid with sleeping trouble, many sufferers are beginning to search for more natural alternatives. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been tested as a possible solution for slumber problems.

During the sleep cycle, there are specific Hertz that the brain must be functioning at for optimal rest. If our brain is not performing at these designated levels, we can then experience trouble falling asleep or frustrating disruptions once asleep. This is covered more in our “PEMF Therapy for Sleep” blog.  

Insomnia is a sleeping condition that includes symptoms like difficulty getting to sleep, disruption of sleep, nightmares. In a study of 50 patients suffering from insomnia, 70% of those patients experienced significant or even total relief of their symptoms after PEMF therapy. If you suffer from sleep issues of any kind, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy may be a great treatment option for you. 

Treat Depression 

Depression is currently the most common mental health disorder in America. This disorder can often become debilitating for everyday life as it causes low energy, brain fog, mood swings, and more. With many treatment options available, it can be challenging finding the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences. PEMF therapy has been studied as an alternative, natural treatment option for depression. 

There is a multitude of prescriptions accessible to target the chemistry of the brain and serotonin production, but in some cases, these medications can be ineffective. This is referred to as ‘treatment-resistant depression’. Research has determined that patients with treatment-resistant depression experienced positive neurological changes after transcranial, low voltage PEMF therapy.  

Higher Immune Function

PEMF Therapy can also enhance the overall immunity in the body by improving cellular function and pairing with the recovery processes of the body. Immunity is a complex system that runs through the human body. This system can be negatively affected by many factors, inflammation, and improper cell function being some of them. As you recall earlier in this article, we discussed the positive effects of PEMF therapy on injury inflammation – this goes similarly with the internal balance of the body. When there is internal inflammation present, this can result in cell and tissue damage. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been shown to kick start the immunity system by improving cell function, repairing and reducing bacteria growth. 

Conclusion – Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Using PEMF therapy is a great, natural treatment solution for many conditions. If you are looking for a safer and effective remedy for any of the ailments listed above, consider this as your next option. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has been researched for many years and is widely supported by doctors and scientists alike.  

There are pulsed electromagnetic machines available for professional and home use through Pulsed Harmonix. Best known for their True Pulse A2000, Pulsed Harmonix is an exceptional provider for premier PEMF therapy devices. Contact us today to learn more about how this therapy can help you.