Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is known to improve some sleep disorders through a process called brainwave entrainment. In this article, you will learn exactly how sleep disorders can be improved through the use of PEMF therapy. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has the ability to reboot the brain through the administration of low-frequency waves. This stimulation mimics the brain’s frequency during a deep sleep cycle, thus improving the ability for the brain and body to actually fall asleep. 

Currently, about 1 in 5 American adults (about 25 million people) suffer from at least one type of sleeping disorder. Sleep is essential for our body to “reset” itself and to properly function over time. Without getting an adequate amount of good sleep every night—which is generally about eight hours per night for adults—you will likely end up enduring a wide variety of connected health issues. Because sleep disorders are so common across the United States (and elsewhere around the world), countless researchers have been exploring alternative treatments for sleeping disorders, including PEMF devices.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” This problem, while measurably common across all demographics, is one that many people tend to ignore. Having a single night of bad sleep may not necessarily produce any long-term negative consequences. But having insufficient amounts (or quality) of sleep over an extended period of time can create countless mental health, physical, and chemical complications. 

Traditionally, many doctors have been eager to prescribe sleep medications to their patients. But while sleeping pills may be effective for some people, others found they had no effect or—in some cases—found that the pills caused their ability to sleep to be even worse. There are more than 80 sleep disorders that are currently recognized by mainstream psychologists. Because many of these sleep disorders overlap with one another, finding perfect treatments can often be quite complicated. 

The emergence of the “alternative” medicine movement has been far from surprising. While some new products have been introduced to reduce the cost of medical treatments, others have been introduced in order to increase the effectiveness of a given treatment program. One common alternative treatment is known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (also known as PEMF therapy). In this article, we will discuss the most important things to know about PEMF therapy and why this unique treatment may help some people who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Brain Frequency Rhythms And Sleep

The brain has specific frequencies and rhythms it must function at during certain times of the day. The frequencies that dominate the sleep cycle are referred to as Theta-Rhythm (REM) & Delta-Rhythm (Deep Sleep). When your brain is in the Theta-Rhythm it should be performing between 4 and 8 Hz which is usually when you are at the beginning of your sleep cycle. When entering the Delta-Rhythm, it should be running under 4 Hz. The Delta-Rhythm stage or ‘Deep Sleep’ cycle is very significant as it is the time that the body can heal, balance and build immunity. 

If the body is experiencing higher Hertz levels during these cycles, then we are not completing them to their best potential. This means we cannot benefit from our sleep nearly as much. Hertz levels can be affected by many things like stress and other external factors. 

Do PEMF Devices Help With Sleep? 

Although PEMF therapy is not proven to help all sleeping disorders, there have been studies conducted in which insomnia subjects experienced significant improvement in their sleep issues after receiving pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. 

Sleep can become disrupted when there are imbalances of any kind in the body. Often these imbalances are related to misfired frequencies that do not allow the brain to function optimally, particularly during sleep. The administration of PEMF therapy to the brain can assist in regulating the frequency-imbalances that are occurring and essentially reset the brain’s rhythm or Hertz level when it comes to sleep. This reset results in better quality and more full-cycle sleep. Whether you struggle with getting to sleep or have trouble reaching the REM stage once asleep, PEMF therapy can be a great natural treatment option for you.  

Should I Use my PEMF Device in Order to Treat Sleep Disorders?

Whether PEMF Therapy will be the most effective method for addressing your specific sleep disorder will depend on a variety of factors. The type of disorder, the causes of the disorder, and the way you personally experience the disorder (not all insomnia is experienced identically) will all be very important. Talk to your doctor if you are considering introducing the use of PEMF devices into your routine. However, because these devices have no known adverse side effects, it is very likely they’ll approve your use of at-home PEMF therapy.

Conclusion – PEMF Therapy for Sleep Disorders

Research has concluded that the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve some sleep disorders. Brain waves play a large role in the ability to fall asleep and the overall quality of sleep. By using a PEMF machine to simulate proper brain frequencies for sleep, you may be able to improve your deep sleep cycles and reduce the risk of sleep-related accidents, injuries, depression or other issues.

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