We recently received the question “How far does the pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) extend from your device”?  The focus was on the Pulsed Harmonix A2000 device.

In order to measure how far the magnetic field extended from the device we used a magnetometer.  Specifically we used a Nikken magnetometer (see photo).  This magnetometer isn’t calibrated so it doesn’t show gauss (a unit of magnetic induction).  However, it does show the relative intensity at different distances and power settings visually.  The top of the Nikken magnetometer lights up and the gauge on the front indicates the strength when it detects PEMF.

We tested the A2000 device with the spiral coil mat applicator.   Here is what we found:

From the front of the mat applicator the magnetometer measured PEMF from 6 feet away (see photo).  So if your belly extended out from your back 6’ you would be covered by PEMF energy.

From all 4 sides of the matt applicator the magnetometer measured PEMF from 2.5’ away.

So if you apply the mat to the middle of your back the field would extend well over the top of your head and well past your feet.  The field would also extend about two feet from the sides of the mat.

Of course the power of the pulse decreases with distance from the applicators.

Part of what makes the A2000 an incredible value is the power it generates for such a compact device.  The magnetometer photo and measurements above show how that power helps the PEMF penetrate through the body.

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