PEMF therapy is an increasingly popular way to effectively treat many of the issues you may be experiencing in your body. The most popular use of PEMF therapy is for chronic pain relief. However, PEMF devices can be used to combat many things, including mental health issues. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression or anxiety and have tried many things in the past, it might be time to consider utilizing a PEMF device to help with your symptoms. However, you must ensure that you’re using a quality PEMF device which can truly help to supercharge the cells in your body. Pulsed Harmonix offers both the True Pulse A2000 Pro and the True Pulse A2000 Home in order to help with various issues that you may be experiencing. Continue reading to see the ways in which PEMF devices can help with depression and anxiety and how relief can be possible.

What Mental Health Issues Can PEMF Help With?

Mental health issues are extremely common in America. In fact, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 43.8 million adults experience mental illness in a given year. That means that 1 out of 5 adults will deal with some form of mental illness this year alone. 

Because mental illness is such a common issue, it’s important to look for new ways to deal with it. Utilizing a PEMF device is a safe and effective way to help deal with mental health concerns. Two of the most prevalent mental health issues that a PEMF device can help with are depression and anxiety. Both of these are extremely common problems that many people in America live with. However, PEMF devices can be a safe and also effective way to help people deal with those concerns. 

PEMF Devices and Depression

Depression is extremely common. It’s actually the number one cause of disability worldwide. It can also be extremely tricky to treat. Many people try medications and therapy with little or no success. However, PEMF devices have actually been shown to help with depression in several ways. First, PEMF devices can offer gentle stimulation to the nerves. This stimulation can help to energize the nerves in the brain in order to get back to proper functioning. The nerves in our brain can actually have a significant impact on our moods, so utilizing a PEMF device to stimulate the nerves can be a real way to help people who are struggling with depression. 

In fact, several studies have been completed to support this point. Harvard Medical School recently completed a study on the use of PEMF devices on depression. In their study, they were looking at treating depression in patients who had previously tried therapy and medications without seeing success. The study used the double-blind method and involved 301 men and women suffering from resistant depression. While the exact science behind it may not yet be fully understood, this study actually found that people experienced significant improvements in their depression from the use of PEMF therapy. 

Furthermore, it’s important to note that depression can be exacerbated by external factors such as a lack of sleep. Again, this is something that PEMF devices have been shown to help with. People struggling with insomnia may find that they begin dealing with depression as a result of not being able to recharge properly at night. However, PEMF devices can be extremely helpful in promoting sleep. Essentially, a PEMF device can mimic the natural rhythm of the brain when it’s resting and can coax the brain into following that rhythm, thereby promoting restful sleep. When the brain is well-rested, it is much more able to properly combat depression. 

Another factor which can lead to depression is experiencing chronic pain. When confronted with chronic pain, it may be difficult to see when things will get better, and this can lead to depression. However, PEMF devices are known for effectively treating chronic pain. The electromagnetic field created by the device stimulates healthy cell functioning, which can lead to a plethora of pain-relief benefits. Thus, those suffering from depression as a result of chronic pain can find relief both for pain and mental health concerns through a PEMF device.

PEMF Devices and Anxiety

In addition, PEMF devices have been shown to help with anxiety. Again, anxiety is an extremely common condition. In America, 18.1% of adults deal with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can manifest in a number of ways. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) refers to consistent feelings of anxiety that aren’t necessarily prompted by specific external factors. However, panic attacks are also linked to anxiety and can be hugely disruptive to one’s daily life. Because anxiety disorders are so prevalent and can be crippling for those dealing with them, it’s extremely important to find new ways to combat this epidemic. 

Luckily, like with depression, PEMF devices have been found to safely and effectively help people treat their anxiety. Again, the idea is to stimulate the cells in the brain in order to optimize them and restore normal cellular functioning. When this happens, the chemical processes in the brain should be able to work more normally, which can lead to a reduction in mental health symptoms. 

In addition, brainwaves, or neural oscillations, can also be monitored in people with mental health illnesses. They’ve been shown to be disrupted in patients who are dealing with mental health issues. However, brain stimulation through the use of electromagnetic fields is being studied as a way to normalize neural oscillations. In this way, PEMF devices (and the electromagnetic fields they generate) can be used to treat mood disorders such as anxiety. 

Conclusion – PEMF For Depression and Anxiety

While using PEMF devices to help combat anxiety and depression is still a relatively new concept, many studies have been conducted which show that indeed PEMF therapy can be an excellent tool for fighting these mental health concerns. Through cell optimization and the manipulation of brain waves, people can find real relief by using PEMF devices to treat their anxiety and depression. The added benefit is that PEMF therapy is safe and simple–the same of which cannot always be said for medications. Thus, it’s important to consider utilizing a PEMF device if you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety or depression, especially if they’ve been resistant to treatment in the past. 

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