pulsed electromagnetic field therapy usesA PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device uses electromagnetic waves that pulse on precise frequencies and help cells to recover when they’ve been damaged or are not functioning properly for any number of reasons. This recovery process allows cells to generate new energy, behave properly, and get back into their regular cycle of reproduction following some form of trauma or due to a level of malfunctioning.

A PEMF device essentially works as a way to gather a magnetic field around the body in order to aid in proper functioning at the cellular level. Through the use of electromagnetic waves, the cells in your body are encouraged to expand and contract as normal and thus regenerate and recharge themselves. This encourages increased blood flow, improved circulation (of blood and nutrients), and improved detoxification. 

PEMF has been utilized by professionals for over 60 years and is a safe, effective, non-invasive way to relieve pain and other conditions. In this blog, we will cover the most popular uses of PEMF therapy and the ways in which it may be able to help you or someone you love. 

Treat Chronic Pain

The most popular reason people use PEMF devices is due to chronic pain. The main way in which PEMF devices help with chronic pain is by optimizing the cells in your body by “recharging” them with energy which is offered by the electromagnetic field created by the device. When your cells are optimized, they’re more able to circulate oxygenated blood throughout your body, which can lead to a reduction in swelling. Thus, PEMF devices are highly capable of reducing chronic pain by creating healthy cells, which in turn improves overall circulation throughout the body. As the injured or painful part of the body recovers with optimized cells and increased circulation, pain reduction can be observed. 

Additionally, many studies have been done which find that PEMF therapy does indeed reduce pain. One published in Pain Research and Management found that: “Specifically, pain severity declined by the end of the first day and continued to decline throughout the seven days of treatment.” Thus, it can be seen that PEMF can be considered an effective and noninvasive way to deal with chronic pain. 

Help With Diabetic Neuropathy

According to Mayo Clinic, diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage which occurs as a result of diabetes. Typically, this damage is contained to the legs and feet, though it can spread elsewhere. The symptoms include numbness and pain, and it can be a highly dangerous condition due to the fact that those dealing with it may often not be able to feel injuries that they incur on their lower extremities, and thus, they can find themselves getting hurt without realizing it. 

Thankfully, PEMF therapy has been shown to dramatically decrease the effects of diabetic neuropathy. A study published on PubMed showed that “directing PEMF to refractory feet can provide unexpected short term analgesic effects in more than 50% of individuals.” This is a significant decrease in pain which shows that PEMF devices are highly effective at treating neuropathy-related pain and conditions. 

Promote Sleep

Additionally, insomnia is a very common condition, affecting upwards of 20% of the population.  PEMF therapy essentially works to encourage sleep naturally by supplying electromagnetic pulses that stimulate your cells and help them to function properly in the same way that it works on areas of chronic pain.  Due to healthy cell activity, your brainwaves are able to sync up with your natural circadian rhythm which promotes healthy, natural sleep. 

Additionally, along with the scientific evidence supporting PEMF therapy, there are many instances of anectodal evidence as well. For example, Linda Neville, a customer of Pulsed Harmonix (a company that manufactures and sells PEMF devices) writes: “When I use the Pulsed [PEMF device] at night (which is almost every night), I sleep so well it’s unbelievable. Of course, that in itself is wonderful as I have more energy than. Again, no medications have enabled me to do so. Recently, I realized that I hadn’t taken a nap in three days and I felt great – no exhausting fatigue. Using the Pulsed Harmonix has given me the ability to sleep well, wake up earlier in the day, avoid taking naps and a terrific energy level all day. These results alone of using the Pulsed are like having Christmas in February!” 

Assist With Mood Disorders 

Finally, PEMF devices have also been shown to help with some mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. A 2019 study looked at the effects of PEMF devices on patients with depression and anxiety (as well as those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions), and they found that: “A significant improvement was found in the neck pain, disability, depression, anxiety, and quality of life scores of both groups after treatment when compared to those before treatment.”

In fact, PEMF devices are approved by the FDA for treating mental depression in the US and Canada. Regarding mood disorders, the stimulation caused by the PEMF device actually promotes brain stimulation by using the pulsating magnetic fields to improve the circulation and help to correct the chemical imbalances which can cause depression by encouraging healthy, oxygen-rich cells, which can promote serotonin production as well as reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) from being released. This can help to encourage feelings of overall happiness and well-being. 

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