Pulsed Harmonix uses an advanced powerful solid state form of the (same) technology developed by NASA for astronauts when they are away from the Earth’s magnetic field.  We have been cleared by the Space Foundation to place their “Certified Space Technology” logo on our device.

NASA Findings

NASA learned that life cannot be sustained without adequate electromagnetic field energy, in fact, it is considered as vital as air, food, and water. Unfortunately, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field is now less than 10% of its long term historic level, creating a health problem called Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.

Space Foundation                                                                                         

Because Pulsed Harmonix’s technology evolved from NASA’s it is certified by the Space Foundation, a global non-profit dedicated to the advancement of space-related technologies and to facilitate interest in and learning among the world-wide space community.


Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome, coupled with increasingly toxic air, food and water, presents a combined threat to human and animal health, for our bodies’ need far more electromagnetic pulse energy than they are getting to recharge blood cells, the autonomic, vital life, and immune systems.

Pulsed Harmonix A2000

The PHx TruePulse A2000 was designed with a unique combination of capabilities proven exceptionally effective in providing strong electromagnetic energy, which culminates in the detoxification of human and animal bodies.

Simply put the Pulsed Harmonix PEMF device is NASA proven space certified technology.