PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) devices have been used by medical professionals and individuals for over 60 years. They are FDA-approved devices which work to help reduce chronic pain and other issues that stem from poor cellular functioning and weak circulation.  

PEMF devices generate an electromagnetic field around the body. The device uses adhesive pads that adhere to your body in order to administer an electromagnetic pulse down to the cellular level. When cells are damaged or are not functioning properly, a PEMF device can help them to recover and begin functioning normally again. This cellular regeneration promotes circulation and healthy functioning at a basic level.

PEMF devices work to treat many ailments. They can be helpful for people who are experiencing insomnia, dibetic neuropathy, and even mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. However, the most common use of a PEMF device is for the treatment of chronic pain. In this blog, we will discuss the ways in which PEMF devices work to combat chronic pain and how they can provide long-lasting relief for those suffering from such a condition.

How Do PEMF Devices Work?

A PEMF device provides precise electromagnetic pulses that can be customized based on your personal level of comfort. Through their pulsed functioning, they work to create an electromagnetic field around your body. The electromagnetic waves permeate down to the cellular level when using a PEMF device. 

Because the cells in your body all naturally hold an electromagnetic charge, a PEMF device can work to supercharge your cells. In this way, any cells in your body that have been damaged by injury or are simply not performing properly due to aging or other conditions can be optimized. 

When cells are optimized, they can experience proper cellular respiration. Essentially, this means that they can take in oxygen and release waste such as carbon dioxide and other byproducts. Therefore, they can work to circulate healthy, oxygenated blood throughout the entire body and also can relieve their waste so that they are functioning at optimum capacity. 

When the cells in your body are functioning properly, you will simply feel better. There are many applications for PEMF devices, but again, the most common use is to manage chronic pain. 

How Do PEMF Devices Reduce Chronic Pain?

There are several ways in which PEMF devices can work to reduce chronic pain. Some of the main ways that this kind of therapy is helpful are:

  • PEMF therapy improves blood circulation by optimizing cellular energy.
  • In addition, the capillaries and arteries in your system are also optimized through the use of PEMF therapy, further improving blood flow throughout your body.
  • When circulation is improved, swelling can be reduced, which is often one of the major factors regarding chronic pain. 
  • Furthermore, improved circulation can have other pain-relieving benefits. For example, damaged bones or tissues can begin to heal themselves due to the influx of oxygen-rich blood.
  • Moreover, when cells are optimized for ideal functioning through the use of a PEMF device, they are able to get rid of waste. This helps the body to feel better overall and can be a huge contributor to the reduction of pain.

How Effective Is PEMF Therapy for Chronic Pain?

PEMF devices have been used for over half a century by individuals and medical professionals and are FDA-approved for the treatment of chronic pain. Thus, they have been found to be very effective. Several studies have been conducted which support the efficacy of PEMF devices on people dealing with chronic pain.

For example, in a double-blind study published in the Journal of Pain Research, researchers found that through the use of PEMF therapy, pain following lumbar spinal surgery was reduced significantly. The results of this study showed that when a 42-μs pulse width was used, lower back pain was reduced by 40.2%. Additionally, the same pulse width produced a 45.0% reduction in leg pain. 

Furthermore, in an overview published by the National Library of Medicine, a study was analyzed which found similar results. This study looked at individuals suffering from non-specific lower back pain. The overview states that: “Adding pulsed electromagnetic field to conventional physical therapy protocol yields superior clinical improvement in pain, functional disability, and lumbar ROM in patients with non-specific low back pain than conventional physical therapy alone.”

Moreover, a 2016 study found very similar results when looking at lower back pain, which is one of the most common types of chronic pain. The study was conducted by independent investigators and found that: “PEMF therapy seems to be able to relieve the pain intensity and improve functionality in individuals with low back pain conditions.” Thus, it can be seen that not only can pain be reduced through the use of PEMF devices, but users can also see increased functionality when it comes to their performance in their daily lives.

Therefore, it is evident that PEMF therapy can be extremely helpful in the treatment of chronic pain. Moreover, the relief that individuals feel from these devices is found very quickly, often after only one session. While continued treatment is certainly recommended, the efficacy of these devices is nothing short of impressive. In addition, PEMF devices can be used from home and are completely non-invasive and safe. 

What Kind Of PEMF Devices Does Pulsed Harmonix Offer?

At Pulsed Harmonix, we are dedicated to helping people reduce their chronic pain. Thus, we offer PEMF devices which can be purchased right on our website in order to make this technology available to everyone. 

Specifically, we offer two different PEMF devices:

  • PHx A2000 Pro Device: The PHx A2000 Pro PEMF device is intended for use by medical professionals. Specifically, many doctors and chiropractors prefer using this device on their patients. It comes with more accessories than our home model because it’s intended for use in a medical facility. This device comes equipped with a mat applicator, a butterfly mitt applicator, a flexible pouch applicator, and a junction barrel. Furthermore, this model comes complete with 3-year warranty and, if there is any instance of malfunctioning, we will provide maintenance.  
  • A2000 Home Unit: For at-home use, we offer our A2000 Home device. This device is more portable and friendly for daily use in the comfort of your own home. Upon purchase, you will receive access to a private users’ forum. In addition, this model comes with a mat applicator and a 2-year limited warranty.

Conclusion: PEMF Devices for Chronic Pain

PEMF devices are safe, non-invasive, and offer fast and substantial relief from chronic pain. They have been thoroughly tested and researched, and the results have shown that they are extremely effective both when used by medical professionals and by individuals at home.

Pulsed Harmonix is proud to offer our PEMF devices to individuals and medical professionals alike. In order to learn more about the PEMF devices we offer, or to find answers to your questions, visit our website or reach out to us today at 1 (855) 749-7363 or [email protected].